Tuesday, January 17, 2012


(The following story was published in 2011 3rd quarter issue of JAL Focus, a company newsletter)

Proud means a positive emotion of self esteem, self worth and self affirmation which is the result of praise, admiration and independent self reflection.  When you achieve something outstanding or overcome a huge challenge, you have the right to feel proud of yourself.  We feel proud parent with our kids’ achievements in academic and curricular activities in school, likewise we feel proud son or daughter to our parent’s good reputation, name, achievements and legacy.  Our patriotism exudes whenever we heard positive feedback about our country’s history, culture, customs, news and achievements; the same way if we become the national pride of our country when we brought honor and pride, whether it is in science, arts, literature, sports, music, and entertainment. 

In our job, to be proud of your company is a self-fulfillment and accomplishment that you can credit to your personal confidence and career success.  But on how to be proud to your company is something that needs general acceptable and substantial basis, significant assessment and thorough consideration.  In my previous employment, I was proud to become part of the company that gives instant good impression to be one of their employees.  Every time I wear the office uniform that symbolizes our corporate identity, I feel the sense of pride that I am making a positive initial impression due to my company’s good reputation.  Why not, because to be able to employ in a company that not every hopeful applicant can pass the examination and tough panel interview is the culmination of the extensive job search that can be proud of.  True, working in a top company is an honor and pleasure that you’ll feel flattered to belong and represent their respected name.  I did not mean it but it served a status symbol.  Compensation may not the main thing but the honor and privilege that always accorded to you are always at stake. 

Usually, it is in top and well-known companies that have the benefits package that we are looking in terms of compensation, experience, supervision, trainings and opportunities.  These companies are not only keeping eyes on their products, services and lucrative profits but also formulate and implement fair policies, profess fully in line of the stated ethics and core values of organization, respond to their customer responsibilities and value the welfare of their workforce.  These reasons make the employees to become proud of their company.  But this is not always the case.  There are some new and starting small business whose employees are contented, loyal and in high spirit in rendering their service.  They can even vocally express their gratefulness, take the pride in working and promote the decency and integrity of their company.  Although they are employed in an unknown small establishment but the respect they are getting from their boss is flattering, these workers will most likely give their full loyalty and support to the company.  It maybe a small company but the bureaucracy is so professional in many ways, this will make the employee to motivate further himself and inspire himself to hone his craftsmanship.  If the rights of small employees are recognized and valued their welfare and contribution, then the employee has no other recourse but to repay with kindness, good service and lend his hands in nurturing the corporate growth.  After all, it starts with the good choice of employees to climb up the top, to become well-known company and eventually to be the leader in the industry. 

On the other hand, the opposite of proud is shame.  It is always difficult to represent a company that has a lot of weaknesses, whether it is big or small company.  Some companies are doing business as usual but tend to overlook the requirements of their bonafide employees, infringe the rights of the workers and protect their interest at the expense of the employees.  There is nothing to be proud of with an unprofessional manager.  If the company is just after the profit, it will give a team of employees who are merely working just for the sake of the monthly earnings and living the belief of better than nothing. 

Everybody wants to take great pride to become part of any company, department, division, unit or group that has good background, great reputation and high respect.  Being proud to the company has been the guiding dogma of every employees, hopeful job applicants and even those brain drain. Most often, it gives a sense of pride to be identified in a prestigious, well-known, respected and big company, whether direct or indirect.  But it doesn’t need to be rookie, old-timer, veteran, multimillion or small-time company, what it only takes is the respect you are getting from each other.  I am fortunate to have a company to be thankful, confident and proud of.

By Alex V. Villamayor
September 5, 2011

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