Friday, June 07, 2013


It is saddening to know that there are real stories about battered wife or just even those who are in one point of their relationship have harmed by her husband.  Why are there some men who can lay hand on their spouseHow can they land their bare hands to harm their wife?  What kind of a man can batter the weaker sex who cannot defend herself against the stronger man?  Asking these questions, I will blame the answer due to husband’s effrontery and his paltry brains that is smaller than the glans of his penis.

A husband who is inflicting physical aggregation on his wife is a damnable man.  If he can able to slap, maul, punch, kick, shove, bite, throw objects, and hair-pull his own wife, then this man has no real courage and strength.  In hurting his wife following to their misunderstanding, differences and disagreement, it just speaks his stupid masculinity who cannot depend himself through rationalization.  And it is the mere reason of using his strength and violence that he knows his edge.

For men who once assaulted their spouses, it is an alarming behavior in their personality that they should strive to get rid of.  Otherwise, they will be devoured with the evil that dwelled in their heart that he triggered when he battered his wife on the first time.  Battering his better half makes him less a man that he should be ashamed of his children.  Womanizing, gambling, and wine are the vexing habit of an engaged man and the physical aggregation is the plethora of all of these.

If the woman was assaulted by her husband on first incident, she should then put an ultimate warning to not happen again the first assault.  Because most likely, it will be repeated again if you will not emphasize the consequences that he will deal with.  When the woman submitted herself to the man she married, her fate is depended on her husband.  Physical, verbal, mental, emotional, sexual, and economic batter are painful and bitter experiences in women’s marital fate.  Any woman who is in this situation should wake up, walk away, and stand to build her dignity.

If a wife have sinned that for her husband has no forgiveness, then it is better for the man to return his spouse to its immediate family rather than committing his own offense.  Beating is sign of immaturity that was not taught and guided by person who raised him.  Parenting plays an important role in man’s growth.  If his own father or mother had pampered him wrongly and raised him with anything he wanted which get him old believed that his will should be followed, then this husband will act like a fuming toddler.  If the man has grown up in a quarreling family and chaotic slum-like environment, then most often than  not he’ll be ended up as a mean head of his territory.

When hearing news about came-out battered wives, I can’t help the feeling of dismay and ire over their abusive husbands.  No matter how honorable, well-known, prominent or good a man, I lost my respect to any man whom I learned battering his wife.  Man should never slap his wife not even once.  I am not a violent person and it really breaks my heart to see woman in so much pain as battered wife.  The feeling of seeing a wife’s fate due to her husband’s cruelty gets into my nerve that I do not want to happen in anyone in my own family.


By Alex V. Villamayor

June 7, 2013

Thuqbah, KSA

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