Tuesday, August 09, 2016


The awe with admiration happens when you witnessed it thru the unexpected way.  In our time today, we know how the generation of today lives the life and it is interesting to know a young man of this millennium can still be as matured as his father.  Like Renz, a happy go lucky but is actually responsible though.  In his teens, he was mischievous and unruly both in the classroom and home, a hyper student by day – vagrant by night, and a potential young career man but a party-goer outside the office.  It was Renz’s era grew up with multiculturalism and alternative media popularized the genres of hip hop and rap, able to make out from the box to freely enjoy the cable television and the world-wide-web.  We know youth as courageous, aggressive to take the challenges, enjoying the life to the fullest and laugh out loud.  Exactly what Renz seems to be but in a rare chance, you will see a youth like Renz-alike who can be serious to handle life with real sense.

Our generation is divided in its different era.  The Baby Boomers is the generation of people born during the years of post World War-II; that is from 1946 to 1964.  They are the generation who experienced better youth than previous people.  Their youth were benefitted with the relevance of education, technologies and careers that made them comforts after their retirement.  The Generation-X are those babies born from mid 1960’s to early 1980’s, although those born between 1980 – 1981 in particular were called millennial babies for they were identified as the prospective high school batch graduates of the millennial year of year 2000.  The children of these years are more open minded to our difference in sex, race, religion and politics.  Then the Generation-Y came from 1980’s to 2000’s who are grown with the revolution of technology throughout their growing years.  And lastly is the Generation-Z who was born after the year 2000, where the world is prepared for them as the hope of today. 

Presently, the world is overwhelmingly and largely inhabited by people from what it called baby boomers to what it called generations X, Y & Z.  Real talk, our present time is dominated by aggressive generation X & Y outnumbering the old fashioned conventional people of the past.   Known for their being party-people, computer geniuses, gadget aficionados and explorer of life, these children really shape and dictate our world.  From the music, movies, fashion to mood, language and behavior of these people make the world go round.  The rest of the people may call them hopelessly lazy, contradict their parents or teachers, disrespectful to law and rude to elders but whether we like it or not the rest of us have to deal with it after all these are the same complaints before that echo over the years from old-old times to our present time.

In this sense makes it’s surprising to know a young generation can be serious to give a matured point of view.  But as the old saying that goes there’s always exemption to the rule, people you may know prank, aggressive and happy go lucky young man like Renz is actually responsible who serves savior to family, friends and colleague.  People are just too judgmental about youth saying “flat”, preceding they’re just childhood thing and labeling them just up to flirting.  You just thought he doesn’t care what’s up with the political situation of the country but he has causes and stand that make sense.  Despite the impression of being indifferent in life, in his own way Renz helps some elders in need when he sees them in the street, advises his colleague in the office to fix the flaws in life or says his opinions in current issues like a matured man.  After all the escapades he went through in his life, it is in there where will make him to grow and become family man.  Though he is forced to live life at young age, flaws matured him to correct them and take the full responsibilities to build his family. 

By Alex V. Villamayor
August 9, 2016

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