Thursday, January 14, 2010


When I watched the documentary film about the present condition of the Polar Bears in Antarctic Peninsula, I can’t help but to feel the sorrow, worry and frustration in the sudden destruction of their home. The sea ice of the Arctic Ocean where the connected frozen seas is the primary habitat of the Polar Bears for over hundred thousand years. Literally, the ice drifts in the North Pole are dramatically melting due to Global Warming, and it disturbs the habitation of the Polar Bears.

Global Warming is the increase of the earth’s average temperature due to increased discharge of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The Polar Bears depend on the frozen seas in North Pole as their natural home which Global Warming speeds up habitat fragmentation. It lessens the duration of ice cover, reduces its thickness and extent which jeopardizes them to home and access their prey. It shortens their age span and growth hence slim down their population. Global Warming endangers the life of the Polar Bear family.

But this is not just about the Polar Bears, it’s about all of us living in this earth – including other animals and all plants. Global warming is not new. I’ve already heard this during my high school years. A teacher lectured us that the depleting Ozone layer that absorbs the 99% of harmful ultraviolet light heat from sun is getting worse due to our environmental negligence. It causes to penetrate the heat and makes the temperature rise to immensely heat the earth. In the past decades, global warming has been discussed and studied repeatedly but the humans seem not paying attention on it. We are the responsible to blame for this global warming. For decades, we continue to be the sources of harmful environmental contaminants from our garbage. Such toxic are from PVC Factories, chemical waste, dumps and power plants that pump out billion tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. The air pollution emitted from our cars had spewed greenhouse gases and impact the climate changing.

The effects of global warming are already felt worldwide. We see the ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula is collapsing – making the sea level rise which is risky to have rapid erosion. Changes in extreme temperatures unpredictably happen. Natural calamities, draught and flood are headlining the news.

We are sharing the same ambition of making this earth a better place to live in. The Blue Planet is at great risk, let us help to save our Mother Earth from sudden distraction. We can do about global warming, everyone must do his part. The simple waste segregation, recycling, power consumption reduction and tree planting are small contributions that will make gigantic solution. It’s not only the environmentalists, it’s everyone’s job. We’re breathing the same air – let’s respect the environment, be responsible and environmentally friendly because the earth is not just home to us, but also for Polar Bears, for other animals and for every plant.

By Alex V. Villamayor
May, 2009
Dhahran, KSA

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