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Below is one of my early writings when I was still trying to find my kind of story. Written during the struggling time of the 80's as citizen of our country, it is about life's ups and downs, triumph and failure, and rise and fall.

Note: this is an actual work.  mistakes were not corrected and weaknesses were  not enhanced.

You have never seen the foes, you must be alert. The foes may win within one blink of your eyes. You don’t know it, they are in dimmed site and then they will have the jubilation.

That’s why I said, light up the embedded wick of your candle for you own guidance. Through this you can evade and carry on your foes one by one. The hindrances will bleak you but you are not afraid because the candle you are holding on will strengthen you. To add, assimilate glassine to protect yourself against all.

I learned this through my mentor. The erudition given to me was beneficence. Those past failures will never happen again. I know someday I will be in gloom again but it will not be the same as before because I know to carry on the coming circumstances. And I will never pass this way again because I already know the beginning of this road. I have offenses and resentments but these will not lead me to weak, notwithstanding I challenge to contend. They made me stronger. With the help of my light, more or less I can see the destiny ahead.

People are weakened by failure, and with these they become mad to the world. They do not know they were just deceived by the oppositions to seem everything where they stand is hazardous. They just do not know, this is the nature of the game. After all, failures should not make you keeping in one corner. To err is human.

You are on the sea girt, the hungry creatures are ready to get you and they can cripple you. These are the hale gust that will put you down – you are in fatal place. These are what I've said the hindrances or rather the privations on your life. You are not condign to have fiasco if you lighted up your candle. You are not in flustering moment if you have prepared your place. Indeed, you will be undaunted.

You don’t have to get confuse with your companions. Always there is criticism, it is natural. You can never please everybody. If the majority want to destruct you, don’t give them the time because time and concern should be given only to a worthy person. They do not deserve to have our concern. If you confront the hecklers, you’re just wasting your time.

I don’t have amulet to breakdown the foes. I have only confidence, a persistent confidence. They cannot halt me because I am candid for what I had started. No awry but to contend. I know predicament may lose you but what is life without it? - Life is nothing. Because as long as there is night and day - there will be query. If there is query, there is solution, there is hope. For every darkness, there is always shinning lights await. Man should be versatile - he should adjust himself to the current situation.

I weep but this does not mean of giving up or surrendering. Because I am depressed, but not loose yet. I will still stand up, lean if necessary when I’m still weak because I know this is a privation. Nevertheless, this time will be the accuracy. All are just bluffing, we abhorred and until we provoke. But this is what they really want, to provoke us because once our tension gets high, we’re just becoming funny and brazen. Revulsion has no place in this game, you have to be calm.

Man will live once, use your time wisely.

Alex V. Villamayor
May 11, 1988
Angono Rizal

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