Friday, October 21, 2016


I am still giving my trust to President Duterte amid of the breaking issues that surface in his young and colorful leadership, but what disgusts me actually is the over-fanatic supporters who are already becoming biased, unreasonable and out of place – the so-called Dutertards.   With no offense, I won’t like to be called one because being one is describes usually as an over-enthused person who obsess over a fandom and act annoyingly about that.  We have this situation: most of these, let’s say fantards, are motivated by blind loyalty, really rude to people who go against their precious fandom and do not practice literary or any type of tolerance (cto).  Nothing is wrong to become loyalist but when you are becoming unfair, one-sided, and difficult to handle, that what make it wrong.  Supporters, like any human being should be fair and diplomatic because that what humanity is.  But there are people who cannot balance emotion and logic wherein comes the prejudice, partisan and blind supporters.  This bunch of devoted supporters are turning into violent verbally and in writing, and known to be really have horrible communication, irrational behavior, no sense of argumentation, short temper and psychotic reaction.  They did nothing but to spread propaganda and positive thoughts promoting their interests, intimidate-attack-destroy their oppositions, defend-explain-rescue the President and their group like a blind worship, and the height of it is correcting the wrongs.

Our parents and teachers taught us that it is bad to curse and foul-mouthed but fantards changed them saying nothing is wrong when you are expressing yourself.   We always believe in the importance of life but when thousands of suspected drug users and pushers were killed in the bloody anti-drugs campaign, they decided that killing those lives is a must.  They do not see anymore which is right and wrong when they insisted the public showing of an alleged private and personal sex video of an opponent but because the president wants it show then it would be fine.  For the longest time we fight the communist and the leftish Islamic group but fantards are mouth shut to free the hundreds of political prisoners as the President green lighted it.  We know very well that we need America for strengthening our military, territorial security and economic assistance but since Duterte is anti-American so the fantards maligned against US, googling negative propaganda about USA and justifying the insignificance of USA.  We knew that China disrespected and harassed us many times but because the President is eyeing China as an ally, the fantards then turned 180 degrees, swing mood and started to tell-all good stories about China.

There is noticeable short temper from fantards that when criticized will react ridiculously.  Every issue, they are on the fighting form to defend and win the issues, rescue or explain when the President was misquoted.  Known for staging character assassination, whoever spoke against them, expect to hit back their retaliation because they will really, really try it so hard to find the weaknesses and flaws of that person.  Even the old past and regretted mistake will dig out just to make appear the person spoke against will put in bad lights until fall.  Senator De Lima, the biggest and staunchest obvious critic of the President was slammed to the full.  When expressed his concerned about the extra judicial killings in the Philippines, US President Barak Obama and EU were criticized.  Even the United Nations and international CHR were attacked when they reacted on human rights violations.  When the President said international aid is not need, the supporters agreed justified that we must not depend on aides.  Former President FVR spoke unsolicited advice and was beleaguered.  Celebrity Agot Isidro stood up for herself and was lambasted.  Name it and you’ll know it.

Sad, it is implicating those good supporters by these ridiculous supporters.  I think the problem with these people, they like to criticize but when they were criticized they react violently.  For them criticism is negative, that there is only one kind of criticism which is destructive – no constructive criticism.   For them, there are only two opponents.  If you opposed or if they cannot convince you, you will either be called yellowtards or drug addict.  This is obviously fanaticism.  They are blind worshiping and trolling who are attracted to fake news sites, no credible sources and love humor and these are exactly the reasons why there were branded Dutertards.  Who doesn’t want changes into better anyway?  We all want it but if you see wrong you should not tolerate just because it is for the changes and this is what these fantards unable to understand and accept.


Anonymous said...

You cannot blame those people because they have a leader who would surely die and risk his honor for them. From the start the Oligarch the so called "Dicente" and even the U.S. who you mentioned from your article already plot character assassination to destroy Duterte but they Failed. And how Trillanes Paid Millions to TV network just to publish Political ADS using those children to destroy Duterte. Delima? come on dont be fool :-)

i hate Duterte's foul mouth but at least we know his true to his words compare to other leaders who has saint image but a rotten character inside.

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with my friend Jonas Bagas that Duterte fanatics have no monopoly on stupidity, and that the Roxas, Poe, and Binay camps have their fair share of stupid folks. Also, that we have to look at sociological rather than genetic factors to explain people’s political behavior. However, it is undeniable that with their frothing support for extrajudicial killings and condemnation of fundamental human rights, Duterte supporters have taken leave of their senses. I think their lapse into mass hallucination is akin to being under the influence of drugs, something that sociologists like Gustav Lebon characterized as crowd contamination.

Anonymous said...

..... :) Journalist and freelance writer Philip Lustre Jr. called the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte hopeless and beyond redemption. he said "NOT IN ANY WAY. I've to make it clear. Whenever I write an article for mainstream media, or post a missive in social media, I do it without considering the rabid supporters of the sick, old man from South as an audience. They are farthest from my mind. I consider them hopeless; they are beyond redemption. No amount of reasoning would convince them. I hardly engage them in any exchange of arguments. No need; it's just a waste of time. If they enter my wall, I told them they could post their materials on their walls and the walls of certain people, including the pornlet's. Most of the time, I delete their comments, which are mostly rants, curses, and expletives, anyway, and block them unilaterally. No interaction, no problem. I just write for the general public, a large part of which seeks answers for many questions. My Cabalen has a different perspective. Excerpts of his latest column: "For democracy to thrive, it needs at least two contending sides. Without dissent, that’s the straight path to authoritarianism or a dictatorship. Without people saying “No” or “Wait a minute,” there’s no democracy. It’s dissent, as long as it’s within the bounds of the law and decorum, that makes democracy robust and viable. If we’re all “yes” men, that would make government complacent, lazy, and apathetic."

Anonymous said...

... :( taken from discussion. It is just a final word about Dutertards: Let me illustrate how casual a Dutetard thinks. If I point out to him that Duterte has created a nation of runaway extrajudicial murders, the Dutetard will simply brush my statement aside and claim that those were murders of criminals, and therefore, murders of dispensable persons. But the whole truth is Dutetards don't REALLY know that.
They don't REALLY know that they were ALL criminals; they just assume the police were doing their jobs. They don't REALLY know if there were innocents mixed in the murders; they have no idea of how many collateral victims there were; and as for real criminals killed, they don't REALLY know if they resisted arrest as claimed by the police or not; they don't REALLY know the nature of theIr crimes and the degree of their guilt. Dutetards don't REALLY know much, nor REALLY care to know anything and be proven wrong. They just lump ALL the victims conveniently as "criminals" who deserved their manner of Death.
It's like the littering problem of Manila, everyone is a litterer, and no one will stop, and say,"hey, let's clean up the water beneath the bridge, it's full of dump and trash!" This problem is just that simple.
And so I am convinced: God must surely love people to a point of endurance. A Dutetard is really a VERY negligent person, and all he can REALLY say for himself is that he can't save the world; not that he'd ever move a rat's ass to save any part of the world, other than his own.
In the end, your Dutetard is just someone who's really just hurting from the world, and feels the world owes him its own bad time, this time around.
I must admit, I've NEVER experienced a society of Apartheid, though I've heard of them, until now. Until us, I NEVER understood how a mere word such as "Apartheid" could hurt anyone. I always said, "sticks and stones can hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me". I was wrong. Apartheid is like walking among the walking dead. It robs you of a world you had always known to be full of warmth. And there's no getting used to it. Worst, I NEVER thought I'd see the day when WE Filipinos ourselves become a Nation of Apartheid. You must understand, I loved my country. So I do need to wake up these Dutetards. It's hard to believe it is happening to those whom you've always known.
What is it like, I mean, "Apartheid" among your own people? It's like discovering your mother is a whore and your brother, a rapist, no, I don't want to say that.