Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Well everyone tries to become the ideal person they can be but we know that no one is perfect.  There is no way to be perfect but through this idea of trying to become ideal one, at least we become the best that we want to be.  Everyone tries to be nice and we should not belittle and misjudge those people that are far from our standard measures of ideal person.  Ronald used to have many antics in the past during his youth that enough to brand him not the typical responsible youth.  He had two or three girls at a time, spent all-night drinking with buddies, and in times tried petty “illegal” teenagers’ things for curiosity and experience.  But despite these, Ronald was a loved person by his friends not because they were birds on the same feather that flocked together but because these friends were the first who know the real Ronald.

Some people seem to look like gangster but when getting to know them even more, we’ll learn their heart is not to oppress but to serve.  Robin Hood is the ideal explanation of this personality.  Yes, they can do wrong, evil, disrupt and yes, the end doesn’t justify the mean and a mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake, but we cannot deny that within the strong and unpleasant habit and features of a person, there are still soft spot on their heart that people have to see.  Sometimes it is because these people know they’re doing undesirables so they would rather like to do good things to make remedial to their wrongdoings.  We have to see that.  Because no matter how “bad” a guy is, there are still small “good” in him.  All people are deserved to our second look, let us not prejudice with what our naked eyes can see because there are things that only our heart can see.

Other men who at some point of their marriage have became unfaithful to their vow no matter how they truly love their better half.  Categorized the weaker sex and born polygamous, men are often prone to fall in love easily anytime, anywhere and whatever situation, exemption to very few.  Although men are assertive, they are susceptible in the situation they get into leading to an extra marital affair.  But because they truly love their wives, these husbands ended confession, asked forgiveness and made pact.  They are not perfect, they are already having crack, but still they can admit their fault, face the consequences and fix their life to become ideal.  It depends in person to person anyway.  Some wants a little bit rough than a very gentleman but boring – case to case.

Ronald has many imperfections.  In his early years, young Ronald used to go along with the flow to experience the colors of life.  As aggressive teenage, he enjoyed whatever life has to offer for a teen be it good or bad.  He went along with the fad, danced the hip-hop, listened metallic music, raised the new wave genre, sung love songs when in-loved, laughed the outrageous teenager antics.  But despite these, he kept his responsibilities and respect to his parents.  Ronald values family and relationships.  Once friend, he keeps, shelters, looked after and cares them.  In his group he used to serve as the father of his friends.  He does the kitchen, the laundry and housekeeping on their shared pad just what he does in his own home.  Because he believes friends are family that should stand one for all and all for one.  As said, he has imperfections.  In several occasions he got involved in warm affairs before and after marriage until he decided to stay loyal to be an ideal husband.

Our life is made up of opposites and full of ironies.  We have made good and bad too, sometime up sometimes down, we like some and others not.  We have the other side of us.  We hid little devil in ourselves, we have dark secrets that are better not to dwell.  What makes us good today is learning the lessons from those not so good pasts.  Like Ronald, we make up for our wasted and lost moment of being an ideal person.  We correct ourselves to become a better person today than yesterday because what matters most are our today’s character, behaviour and morals.

By Alex V. Villamayor
October 18, 2016

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