Thursday, June 04, 2015


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W2P #50
Ang perang nakuha sa walang hirap at sa maling paraaan, kadalasa’y hindi ikinayayaman.  Dahil madaling gastusin ang perang hindi pinagpaguran.

W2P #51
Money that acquired instantly or in wrong way is usually spent so easy.  It doesn’t make us rich.  It’s jinx when you’ve used to it.  You see, unforeseen needs keep on coming so you can’t get rid of doing it again.

Prostitutes get old prostitute, thief goes on rob, dishonest workers keep on cheating and crooked politician remains problematic.

W2P #52
Lucky are those who are earning more money for they have bigger chance to save.  But the way I observe it, those earning more are spending excessively.  Not just spending excessively but spending unreasonably.  I am not lucky to earn more, if I am I maybe richer than those I’ve known.

W2P #53
Some people do not like the post not because of the post itself but simply because of the person who posted it.  Other people easily do like the post not because the post itself is damn good but simply because the person who liked it is a certified liker.

W2P #54
Of Politics System.
While others are lobbying their connections to get what they want, don’t do the same.  Instead, talk to God to back you up for He is far mightier than those.

If others are lobbying their connection to get what they want, I don’t have to do same.  I maybe low prioritized with someone but I believe I’m strong with my Lord.

W2P #55
Most of the time, I do not go to anybody for help.  Let it be, someone will help me anyway.  I have my Lord who knows what’s best for me.  Prayer is more powerful than anybody else.  No to influence peddling.

W2P #56
Sadly, some people just grew because of their height, fertility, and age but in fact are still immature and provoke to accept criticism.  Stop being resentful and be man in handling criticism.  At 30 and so, you are no longer child to keep anger in your heart.  Criticism tests how matured the person is.

W2P #57
Masyadong matalino ang mga tao tuloy ay nawawala na sa kanila ang pagtitiwala at pagkalinga.  Sa katalinuhan nila ay nagiging mapagduda, mapagpansin, mapagmarunong, mapagdikta, mapanghusga at mapanghimasok na sila. 

W2P #58
People are too clever that they are losing their fondness and trust.  Too smart makes them doubtful, critics, confident, charlatan, dictator, judgmental and interfering.

W2P #59

Kapag nagmahal – kasintahan, asawa o kalaguyo man, ay baguhin mo siya sa kanyang ikabubuti dahil ikaw ang mas may impluwensiya sa kanya kesa ang ibang tao.  Ikaw ang magturo huwag yung ikaw ang mahahawa.Halimbawa may nakagalit siya ay galit ka na rin, sa halip ay pawiin mo ang kanyang galit.

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