Thursday, June 04, 2015


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W2P #30
Para lang wala ng mahabang usapan pa, hinahayaan na lang natin ang isang tao na ayaw magpatalo sa kanyang isyu.  Tama lang ito, pero kung paulit-ulit mong hahayaan ay ikaw na rin ang nagbubuyo sa kanyang kapintasan.

W2P #31
Mayroon sa atin ang laging inaayunan, pinakikisamahan, at inaalayan ang ating kasama tuloy namimihasa at lumalakas ang kanyang loob.  Takot, hiya, panunuyo o anut-anuman ay ikaw ang gumagawa ng isang halimaw na kakain sa iyo.  sarili mong multo na uusig sa iyo.

W2P #32
Kung ang hindi mo nagugustuhang tao, o ang mga nakakaaway mo, o ang nakakagalit mo ay higit sa tatlo, apat, at lima – baka naman ikaw na ang may dipreseniya.

W2P #33
Sometimes I feel guilty if I am stabbing someone’s back when I am telling the painful truth about the person while it’s merely just for the sake of disclosing the feelings. Hoping to help the wakeup call.

W2P #34
Grilled chicken during payday, chicken stew once in a while, broiled chicken too.  Occasionally noodles and once a month is spaghetti.  Macaroni soup is sometimes, pasta salad too.  Putting altogether these once in a while dishes is not the real diet.  Define occasionally according to food’s type, not name.

W2P #35
The nice thing about doing sincere diet is that when you missed once, or when you had just eaten the wrong food intentionally or not – you’ll not afraid of your fault, guilt and the outcome coz it’s just once and it has no big impact.  This is the advantage of having a real diet.  You can easily get back on your feet and it will not cost you that much.

W2P #36
Hindi na masama kung isa o dalawa ang iyong nakasamaan ng loob o nakaaway pa, pero kung lima o higit pa ay mabuting tingnan mo na ang iyong sarili dahil baka ikaw na ang may problema.

 W2P #37
In FB world, we have our own thoughts on different posts we see.  Like me, there are other people posts that I do not like, and for sure some people don’t like my posts and yours too.  But there’s difference, when I read posts on their personal wall that I do not like, I hold back my negative thoughts and keep it for myself.  Well if it’s in an open group, then I could give my comments, be it bad or harsh.

W2P #38
When we we’re wrongfully accused, sometimes we need to pause for a while and think instead of fighting back or getting upset.  It may be done in distasteful way but still we can take it as blessing in disguise because it could be our only chance to do self-check.  Maybe it is a wake-up call because sometimes we do not see our own mess just right on our nose.

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