Monday, June 01, 2015


Sometimes in my heart, I am already feeling guilty if my interest and fondness in travelling to different beautiful tourist attractions is a smart move, if it is still right or I am becoming unreasonable.  I want them visited, though they may so far yet I’mtrying to reach them for they bring me great joy, experience, memories and fulfilment.  In visiting the beautiful view and nature, I can feel the simplicity of life and it satisfies my affection to our natural habitat.  Hearing the coastal waves and the gentle breeze are music to my ears, the colours of unspoiled flora and fauna are pleasure to my eyes, and the distinctive scent of blooming flowers, drying leaves, and stored water in the pit, even the mist timber are perfume to my sense of smell. I think nature and I have connection, an instant connection that brings the antiquity, conservatism, being natural, and simplicity to me closer.  Seeing wonderful natures and amazing natural sceneries is always a pleasure that interest my every piece.  I’m just so in love in magnificent cliff formations, green mountains and forests, cryptic depth of coves, poetic sky, and the pristine blue and clear water wherever they maybe.  I love the flickers of the heavenly bodies and every natural creation that gives life to every mankind.  I like the natural environment to be habitat for every living.

My fascination to these things to witness them right before my eyes gives guilty feeling when I wanted to visit them.  With my limited resource, I am always thinking if my persistence to travel different beautiful and far places is reasonable.  Considering that I have not yet accomplished my greatest dream, and if I’m pushing this sightsee to happen though I keep reserves for my future, is this mindset is already irresponsibility, luxury and weakness or still fine and necessity?  Is travelling only for well-off?  Maybe I need to cut my budget for this.  It is said travel while you can, while you are young and able.  It has no to worry about the money, just make it work because experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.  I do not know if this proverb is still right for me, if for everyone or in particular right one or if it is time of holding back this passion. I planned every time I travel, the days, the amount, the place and of course the budget if I may need to tight my belt.  More than anything else, I feel accomplished every time I visited.  Yes the big pile of cash in my pocket was gone, but surprisingly I felt something has come to me that made me richer than even before.  I become richer for taking the chance to plunge in the fascination of the lessons encountered along the way, for the new experience, knowledge and memories that will become part of me for the rest of my life.  I may say it’s a swelling sum of a hard-earned cash but in fact I am a poor traveller myself who travelled on a shoestring budget.  I’m still not that much compared to others that I know.  But it’s not the enjoyment based in budget, all in all it’s the life-changing journey in many ways.  I want to go to different places that showcase the winning looks and the attractive charm of nature.

My country has an exciting 7,107 islands making it so difficult to visit them all.  Been to some and there are more places that I would still want to go.  I want to go to Siquijor to swim in Salagdoong Beach and CambugahayFalls.  I wanted to get to Siargao to see the gigantic waves.  I want to fly to Davao to personally see Mt. Apo, Samal Island, Aliwagwag Falls and Awao Falls.   I want to see Zambales’ Capones Island, Potipot Island, to walk in Anawagin Beach, see the islands of Bantayan and Malapascua in Cebu.  I want to visit Surigao to sail in Hinatuan River, Tojoman Lagoon and Laswsitan Lagoon, and bathe in Tinuy-anFalls.  I want to walk in Sierra Madre in Isabela, see Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin, Palaui Island in Cagayan Valley, Chocolate Hills and Hinagdanan Cave in Bohol.  I want to go to Quezon to swim in Cagbalete beach, enjoy in Baler, hike in Mt. Banahaw and join the Pahiyas Fest.  To check Misibis Bay in Albay, visit Caramoan in Camarines Sur, trek in Mt. Pinatubo crate in Pampangga and witness the perfect cone of Mt. Mayon in Bicol.  I want to see Niludhan Falls in Negros Oriental, Kalangaman Island in Leyte, Arangban Falls, Honda Bay in Palawan and even to Babuyan Island.  These are for now, there’s more but this space is not enough and soon there are more and more to add in my bucket list as the explore continues to uncover and discover more hidden paradise.  Definitely will be difficult for me to accomplish my mission to travel that will never cease.  If how can I go to these places before I rest, that I do not know.

By Alex V. Villamayor
June 1, 2015

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