Thursday, June 11, 2015



W2P #70
True sense of gift
It is nice to have all you received are voluntary gifts or tokens,  Do not ask, give hint, take action ahead, and playing like you are craving if you want something but you can’t wait.  At the end, the true gift or giveaways will be given voluntarily if it is really intended for you.

W2P #71
Sa halos lahat ng pagkakataon, anumang mga natanggap ko ay mga kusang-loob na bigay.  Hindi ko ugali ang humingi, magparamdam at maglambing kung mayroon akong gusto.  Lahat ng aking itinatago ay totoo at talagang para sa akin at hindi dahil aking sinabi na ibigay sa akin.

W2P #72
You take the pleasure and pride, but the more you crave for delicious expensive foods in fine dine-in restaurants and the more you enjoy foods in various celebrations is the more you are risking your weight and health.  So don’t feel flattered yourself because you’re just a prescription away from illness.

W2P #73
Some people are earning hefty salary yet ending up just breakeven without savings before the next salary.  If your room is full of unused items, if you had grocery excessively, if you’re in the souk every now and then, always treating others, then something is wrong with you.

W2P #74
Maybe generous people will say it is just a matter of money, but if you are still trying to do something when you have no more to give, that is not generosity but compassion.  When you use your compassion in this case, you are enhancing their defect, failure and weaknesses.

W2P #75
Anything you can’t pay in cash is not yours, even credit card unless you are using it as good as cash. Do not get into credit if not needed. If it is for something that will accumulate its value, then you can go ahead. But if it’s just for travelling, parties, and things that you want, then forget the credit.
Beware from debt – it is epidemic.

W2P #76
Being single is gift, trait, strength and skill for not everyone was created strong to live without partner in life and to capably be alone. Some people are just too weak to be bigamous in times of loneliness and too afraid to be alone.  Therefore being single is blessings given by God. 

W2P #77
Ang pagiging single ay isang biyayangkaloob ng Diyos.Ito’y isang katangian, kaalaman at kakayahan dahil hindi lahat ay binigyan ng kakayahang makapamuhay nang walang katuwang sa buhay.Hindi lahat ay kayang mabuhay o kayang kumilos nang mag-isa.

W2P #78
Being old single man or old maid doesn’t mean homosexuality.  For whatever reason they did not get marry.  There are just some people who are really destined to remain single.  Some sinner men are just biased, subjective, unfair, cruel, and judgmental about old single.

W2P #79

Beware, you may unknowingly have religion discrimination.  Some people are biased when it comes to other religions, generalizing the whole religion based on the acts of one of its members, losing fondness, taking for granted or prejudicing when encountering them.  You are not good follower of your own flock then.

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