Tuesday, June 30, 2015


It is actually a presentation only.  The intention is just to make an inspired egg sandwich spread with cucumber for dipping. But since  there is the cucumber, a different way to add the use of the cucumber has sprouted.  and the little variation has just included.  To prepare, you'll need these few steps:.

6 pieces of large (in length) cucumber
6 Egg hard boiled.
150 grams All purpose cream (mayonnaise is an alternate)
A medium size onion
Any garnish such as green or red bell pepper, celery, or any other preferred ingredients
Salt and pepper

Preparation of egg salad:
1.  Boiled the egg, peel and chop.  Set aside.
2.  Chop the onion and the green bell pepper or your preferred ingredients.  Set aside.
3.  Put all together the ingredients, pour the all purpose cream (or mayonnaise) and gently stir.   Note that you should not overdo the cream to make a thick and firm sandwich spread
4.  Add some salt and pepper to taste and slowly stir.
5.  Refrigerate the egg salad for an hour.

Preparation of the presentation:
6.  Wash the cucumber and slice thinly lengthwise.
7.  Roll the cucumber by overlapping both ends and pin by toothpick.
8.  In a serving plate, place the rolled cucumber and carefully stuff with refrigerated egg salad.
9.  Serve.

And lastly, just eat right.

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