Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I made this dish just for fun.  From the idea of creating something different for a jumbo macaroni shell, I came up in putting something tasty as filling to the shell.  This is my first try and I am sure there are more changes or additional when I do it again until I found the best one. But for the meantime, let me share this dish that I've just found to do today.   To begin with, you will need the following:

100 grams Jumbo macaroni shell
160 grams Tuna in can
100 grams green peas (approx)
1 small carrots cut in small cubes
1 small potato cut in small cubes
Corn starch
Salt and pepper
Raisins  - optional

1. Cook the macaroni shell base on instruction on the label and set aside.
2. Dissolve half tablespoon of cornstarch in 4 tablespoon of water and set aside.
3. To cook the filling, heat the pan and pour the tuna.  Let it simmer for a minute from its oil.
4. Add the green peas and potato.  Mix and cook for two minutes (depends how would you like if half cook or well done).
5. Add the carrots and cook for another minute.
6. Put salt and pepper to taste.
7. Add half cup of water and simmer for another minute.
8. Pour the dissolve cornstarch and continuously stir in low heat until thickened.
9. Set aside the filling from stove and cool down.

Optional:  after adding the carrots, you can put some raisins for additional taste and garnish.  And instead of water, you can use milk for a creamier taste.
For serving, put a teaspoon of cooked filing inside of every macaroni shell.  This serves a finger-food bite-size. 

And lastly, just eat right.

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