Thursday, June 11, 2015



W2P #60
It’s nice to receive when you really know you didn’t ask it.  That’s the true meaning of when you were thought rather than pressed.  Forced gift is thoughtless.

W2P #61
Mag-ingat sa pagsasabi ng mga katangian ng isang tao dahil kung hindi mo rin lang siya asawa, kasintahan o nakakasama araw-araw na nakikita ang totoong siya ay baka maling-mali ka sa mga sinasabi mong katangian niya.

W2P #62
Be careful in saying someone’s good adjectives if you are not actually spouse, fiancée or you’re not really together every day to see the real character of the person.  If so then you might be very wrong in the good words you are saying about the person.

W2P #63
It is okay to get envy because we are human with sense of seeing, hearing and feeling to know what makes us envy.  But if it makes you to revenge, grudge, bitter, and upset towards someone, that is not okay.

W2P #64
Beware in smiles for some smiles are not really meant to be smile.  There are smiles of hypocrite, opportunist, sneer and treachery.  Not because someone is always smiling and seems to be kind and approachable means its friendship.  You have to determine if the smile is fake or sincere.

W2P #65
Masakit yung minsan mo lang ginawa pero nahuli ka.  Iyung hinding-hindi mo naman talaga gawain pero kapag hiningi ng pagkakataon na gawin mo at napilitan kang gawin ay saka ka pa mahuhuli.  Hindi ba kahit papaano parang hindi patas?

W2P #66
Be responsible in posting “bold” comments in a friend’s wall because not all your friend’s friends who will read your comment are your friends too who know you.  Post your “bold” comments if you’re in a group page where every one of you understands what is joke-time and what is not.
Some post are not meant to post.

W2P #67
Although blog space is personal but it is share in public.  If you are reading someone’s blog that you feel negatively hits you, just don’t be assuming that it’s for you because you are not the only creature on earth.  The blog owner can write whatever he wants, if you have negative and violent reaction, go to your own blog or make your own blog. (Report abuse button is available anyway).

W2P #68
There are some people who are just simply skeptic.  Anything you said, they will response and will really response to oppose you not because they are mad, perfectionist, or totally in contrast but they are just happy in opposing or throwing questions to show their ability in argument and raise their opinions.

W2P #69

Money is not the measure of happiness, spending gratifies us but it’s appreciating the smallest blessings.  Not even kindness – being generous is fine but it’s knowing your limitation.  Not worthiness – pride empowers us but it’s discovering our hidden strength.  Not completeness – achievement answers our dream but it is not in bread alone.  Find your purpose other than materialism.

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