Thursday, June 04, 2015


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W2P #39
Without being biased and boasting, sometimes when I look at the people around me, I feel in my heart that I am still a better person and it inspires me.  Because looking at them, somehow I can say without blowing own horn, I see my good personality and less guilt.

GOOD MAN (ver-2)
Sometimes when I look at the people around me, I feel in my heart that I am still a better person and it inspires me.  Because knowing their deed and words, I see I’m far less guilty and I realize to pursue what I’ve used to do.

W2P #40
Minsan kapag pinagmamasdan ko ang mga tao sa mundong ginagalawan ko, nararamdaman ko’ng mas mabuting tao pa rin pala ako, at nabubuhayan ako ng pag-asa.  Dahil sa pagmamasid ko sa kanila, kahit papaano ay masasabi ko nang walang pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko na mas maganda pa rin ang aking ugali at mas malayo sa pagkakasala.

W2P #41
Lucky are those who were raised with the values of honesty, simplicity and modesty for they will be contented with what they have.  I’m glad I don’t need to push hard rushing to sustain beyond my needs for I can avoid stealing, cheating and lying.

W2P #42
I really do not like connection system, favoritism and special treatment.  It may favors me in some instances but actually, I really don’t like it if I have the final say, I still prefer everything to undergo through the proper process to become fair to all.

W2P #43
Nakakapanghinayang minsan na ang lahat ng pagsisikap mo, lahat ng inipon mo, at lahat ng tinipon mong magandang alaala at bagay ay iiwanan mo rin pagdating ng araw.  Para saan pa kung ang lahat ng ito ay hindi mo rin maaangkin nang magpakaylanman.

W2P #44
It’s nice to feel if you know you don’t have foe for no one will ill pray for you.  If one or two don’t like you for any reason, it’s fine for you cannot please all.  But if more, maybe there are more who hate you that pray your sufferings.

W2P #45
Ang sarap ng walang kaaway kasi walang nagagalit sa iyo na nagdadasal sa iyo ng hindi maganda.  Kung marami kang nakakaway ay mas marami ang nagagalit sa iyo at naghahangad ng iyong paghihirap.

W2P #46
Nothing is wrong with being lower class citizen but some people have just no poise to talk, laugh, sneeze and even burp and fart.  Self-expression must enclose with self-limitation.  It is not being dishonest if it seems you're acting like high class or being poor but it is sign of matured, cultured and urbane individual.

W2P #47
No matter how full confident we are, sometimes we need to do self-check.  Maybe some of our decisions are no longer good, right, and acceptable.  Don’t be complacent with the compliments from few and close friends.  If the few of you only are happy while the rest are actually not, it’s self-centeredness.

W2P #48
Sometimes we are being preyed unknowingly.  Beware for some people are hypocrite showing the other side of face.  They have hidden and personal interest.  At times they’re twisting, patching and adding the things just to appear better.  And before we know it, we were used.

W2P #49
Happiness lies on character. Look at yourself if you’re happy in materials, expensiveness, and popularity.  Some are happy in companionship, celebration, and covetousness, some in priceless personalized token, while others are happy with simplicity and quietness.

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