Thursday, June 11, 2015


W2P #91
My great fondness to vintage gives me the weird illusion to wish I could turn the clock back in times even in just a minute to go back to the past.  Because I want to see in person the thousand-year old places and things, meet the old people and witness the actual places where they actually existed.

W2P #92
When I am dreaming I’m flying, sometimes I think I was a bird in my past life.  Or I want to convince myself that soon I will be an angle in my afterlife.

W2P #93
Father is not in being able to propagate.  If any man, by any condition of personality and well-being, who serves as provider, defender and guide to anyone, then the man is a father.  It is better to have care about whom you're not relative than to some biological father who are irresponsible.

W2P #94
To become a mother is not in being to conceive.  If she can take care children, or she instills the good values to the children, that is far better than bearing a child in her womb.  That is more than being a mother to own flesh and blood.

W2P #95
A writer's dilemma is when there are so many good stories on mind yet don't know which one has to write first.

W2P #96
Not everyone can be father and mother, and not every father and mother can be parents to their children.  Biological father or mother is just a matter of reproductive system but what it takes to become parents?  It is about love, responsibilities and values.

W2P #97
The true measure of a man is not whoever has a lot of courtships, number of sexual encounters, size of genital, number of children, and contest of strength.  It is the character, integrity and legacy you made that will remember when in just having seen your presence.

W2P #98
The essence of a woman is not the capability to bear life in her womb but it is her ability to properly raise life of a child.

W2P #99
What greater feelings to realize helping someone out there you do not know personally.  That’s an unconditional, without hypocrisy,and  without ostentation aid.

W2P #100
Life is not for someone to control.  Say no and celebrate your conviction.

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