Sunday, October 10, 2010


Traditionally, the new President of the Philippines has the grace period of 100 days after assuming the office. This is an advantage given to him to work on his own style as a tuning up period. As he marks his first 100 days in the office, President Benigno S. Aquino III has to report the significant achievements since his takeover in the Palace as the newly elected President. In this certain time, remarks, critic and unsolicited statements over the newsprint, radio and television are there to anticipate.

From the start, I never looked it negatively when the midnight appointees of the previous administration were subjected to scrutiny and removed some. Starting your own leadership, it is but normal to start everything right and in control. There are questionable things that are required to set correct. On the first place, the intention, integrity and the reputation are the issue from these midnight appointees. However, I would still have to consider the better qualification and better experience which the President has did.

When he promised the straight road during his inauguration, I personally believed in his full determination to get rid of corruption. On his first State of the Nation Address, it was reported that the worse condition and status of the Nation is the result of rampant, prolonged, serious and worse corruption. Much awaited name-droppings were followed on the next days involving big names in treason-based corruption. The President is really prepared and determined to pursue his central campaign slogan – “no corruption, no poverty”.

Placing in his cabinet those he knows is not issue. Opposition by nature will not stop to question every move of the administration. You can’t blame the leader for choosing his friends, allies, and those he knows because the ship can’t move if the oppositions will hamper the smooth sailing of the presidential boat. You don’t have to pick up hard stone to hit your own head later.

However, it is not a bed full of roses. The President had undergone acid tests during his early days in the office. The controversial executive orders whose constitutionalities were questioned before the Supreme Court booed his office. This move has jeopardized the competence of the team which the oppositions and critics took advantage to called sloppy and blunder. While on the lighter side is the interference of the president’s youngest sister in dealing with political allies and rivals.

But what brought with big blow in this very young administration was the notorious Quirino Grandstand Manila Hostage-taking crisis that put the entire country in extreme bad light. This even brought a crack between the bilateral relationship of the Chinese government of Hongkong and Philippines. This fiasco was followed by the controversy over the illegal numbers of game “jueteng” involving the closest allies of the President.

It’s up and down, high and low during the first 100 days of the President. He has his good and he has his bad. I am against in the proposal of the K-12 basic education curriculum because what we need is to improve the syllabus of the school-year by increasing the class rooms and buildings, providing more books and visual aids, and improving the salary of the teachers. On the other hand, I support the Reproduction Health Bill that will control the growing of nearly 100 million population. I do not agree citing the contraceptives as mortal sin since there is no life to abort until the two healthy cells have joined. It is not just about wang-wang and counter flow but it is about leadership by example. And whether the eating of America’s comfort foods such as hamburger and pizza is for public relation or gimmick, it doesn’t matter, at least in these two humble ways, he is showing a good example of simplicity and humility. This is here why most people like, support and trust his leadership and remains him popular in polls despite his administration’s missteps.

For a starter as a newbie administration, the first 100 days is passed for me. The President is doing good and still on the right track. I see in the leadership of the President the sincerity, humility and saving austerity. For a man who is so sincere, humble, and authoritative in his job, I am giving the character of P-Noy as a President a good grade of 8. However, for the Aquino government that includes all his cabinet members, I am giving them a fair and passing grade of 7.

Alex V. Villamayor


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