Wednesday, October 13, 2010


In a rural town, two strange men from opposite world and direction crossed their ways. Fate brought them together to start their very foundation, to know each other, to get their right rapport and bonding. Not bad, they used to be friends and they simply had the best of times. The first is still young and weak so the second who is on his middle age gave what he can give to the young. He taught him good things, helped him out and kept him in the right track – kept him away from wrong so to speak. Like a true brother, the elder brother pampered the younger one, taking care of him and made his things all right all the times. During their times together, he did not make any thing that will cause dispute and start an argue. As his usual, that’s how the second man loves any of his friends. In a matter of three months, the two have established the friendship that they built in trust. Until one day, fate tore them apart and put their friendship in test: the first need to go somewhere while the second was left in their small town.

During the first few days, they were okay. They kept on calling on phone and sending emails. The older is quite confident to free his young brother after giving him the wings to fly. And just like what they were doing before, they pass old jokes to each other that serve usual spices on their friendship and complete their day. But on the following few days, the first one stopped his connection for he didn’t like an untoward moment unintentionally made by the older one that occurred between their friendship. Without knowing it, the second kept on to connect their link just to live his hope to survive their friendship.

Wondering what was going on, the second finally asked his friend just to discover the furious of his friend. In his effort to save the friendship they built, the second stepped down and offered his humble apology. He tried to patch things up, made to cover from his mistake but it was one-way communication - his request for forgiveness doesn’t seem accepted.

Since then in just a couple and a half of two months, the two friends are not in connection and out of communication. The second still hopes the day that his young brother will realize how much he value their friendship he protected and saved, discover its worth and find the goodness in him as a friend. He kept his door open for any chance of coming back of his lost friend, waiting the possibility that one day, his friend will need his presence and ask help again. As a true friend and brother, he did not upbraid all goods that he did before and yet he still prays all the goodness, wellbeing, and happiness for his lost friend. This is the end of the story of the short-lived friendship.

Moral lesson: in a mistake you did, all good things you did will be gone. The small black dot in a piece of big white paper can be easily seen rather than the bigger part of the paper that is so white and clean. Why we people are focusing on the dirty part of the paper that symbolizes the darkness and negative thoughts in our life? Instead of the wrong side, why don’t we look on the brighter side of life and make things positive?

It’s hard to find true friend in these days. Value the friends you have today and do not take them for granted.

Alex V. Villamayor

July 2008

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