Friday, May 23, 2014


Going to Batanes is dream come true that I will forever cherish and feel grateful.  It is a mission accomplished that my heart will always goes on reminiscing the happiness I felt during my short but worth remembering stay in exhilarating Batanes.  For long time I’d been seeing myself in a place that I’d never been but long been part of my mind's eye.  I am uneasy with all I just read and heard about the unique and extraordinary features of one of my dream destinations.  I want to pursue my dream destination.

My ardent plan to visit this northernmost tip of the Philippines sprouted way back over a decade ago.  Looking at the splendid panoramic pictures vividly printed in travel magazines and watching some soothing short film clips, I even deepen my desire to finally visit this magnificent place that I thought only in my plans.  The cost of travelling to the place primarily causes to withhold the zealous wanderers to witness the ever breathtaking natural beauty of Batanes.  This holds me too but after long years of pausing this plan and despite the ever expensive travelling, I finally go ahead to pack my bag and step my feet flying to Batanes.  I just thought I have to do this today or maybe never.  And I did not go wrong, visiting Batanes up-close and personal is a lifetime experience that enriched and even upheld my interest in nature.
I went to Batanes at summertime which I found superb.  But accordingly, the majestic and enchanting view of mountains and hills are even more inviting and outstanding during off-summer.  The contrast colour of the vibrantly green pastures and clear blue skies above down to the wide ocean at the foot of the mountains is so pleasing to the eyes.  Staring at the hills, they are seemingly gigantic rolling wave that moving goes up from its topmost down to it deepest.  Everywhere I look from right to left, looked up and turned is comforting view that uplifts my esteem. The fresh air, clean marine source, blue sky, greenery of flora and undisturbed fauna feel me proud that I am living in this planet.  Every formation is a landscape perfectly engineered by nature, a place comparable to a sanctuary.
From top overlooking the wide panoramic view, down to the town proper is journeying to the humble beginning.  Gazing the century-old limestone houses is a hair-raising reaction.  From all of its most noticeable features, the stone walled and thick thatched roof shields battering typhoons make distinctly Batanes.  I just can’t get my eyes off to ravish in the rareness of the stone houses that highlight the land’s identity.  City people may find being in Batanes is a bit backward but in this backward is how to appreciate this unspoiled paradise that everything is on its proper place.  Simpler is what makes more beautiful that exactly what all we need.  Thanks I’m nature-lover to easily embrace this realism.  I think it starts from learning to appreciate the nature and it has to experience Batanes to appreciate the love to nature.

Down to the feet of the hills and mountains are laying on the shore the boulders.  In various colours, shapes and sizes, all were like gems that dotted on the long line of beach’s coast.  When its highest mountain erupted many years ago, the rocks were casted out and over the years they were slowly polished by the tides and restless waves.  Although strong current doesn’t recommend it for swimming, the attractive view is enough to encourage every astonished visitor to stare in sigh the frisky water.  Times will pass, I will get old and my adrenalin to wander and discover different places to follow my passion in nature may fade as I grow old, but Batanes in my mind will always be beautiful, both the place and the people.

In a nutshell it’s simply amazing.  Sometimes I may not find words to describe the beauty of Batanes.  But if I am running out of nice adjectives to express my thoughts and feeling, all I have to say is just it’s breathtaking.

By Alex V. Villamayor
May 21, 2014


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