Friday, August 14, 2015


Initially I’m not really convinced to take it but when you freely decided to accept things you did not want at first, eventually you will learn to love it.  This is the testimony that love can be learned.  If there is really nothing someone else forced you, things can be learned because you somehow preferred it, though was not love at first sight but at least you accepted it without force. I have proven this from what I’ve been through.

Flashback before this, I always wanted to live in a dream house that I carefully sketched.  A villa house in a spacious porch, painted in light pastel colors with wide garden at the back, a stylish design with modern furniture and fixtures.  I was daydreaming it since I constructed it in my papers and notebooks during high school until collage.  From time to time I made changes in the living room, dining area, kitchen, bed room and bathroom until perfection.  I think it’s almost, if not all, everybody’s utmost goal in life – to live in their dream house.

Landing in a job, we are all hyper to work hard in pursuing this dream but sometimes things we wanted so much are not always turning into our hands.  The times are moving on until we feel it is not that as easy as what we thought.  Until we made some modifications in our plans, that’s when I realized to change my dream house nearest to its probability.  During my late 20’s until mid 30’s, I started to like a cosy house in an open lawn with small atrium which is what I like most in a house, which I changed later when I was in my 40’s into a townhouse or a small house in a wide backyard like garden.  If despite these downgrading changes the dream house is still elusive, living in a small own house will be enough.

This is what happened to me.  When I cannot get the dream houses that I wanted, it forced me to get the least that is near to my standards.  I acquired a small size low-cost townhouse type near in my hometown.  I have so much to undergo before taking this.  From the beginning, I’ve been looking somewhere but simply nothing is really matching my searchings – the budget, the place, the design.  Until this one came to me that I am not supposed to choose because at time it came, I am more attracted to other one that is an innovative urban modern design and art deco design inspired like flat roof, multi corners and glass walls but the place is farther.  It’s actually smaller than what I want but it’s bigger than what I acquired.  But I need to decide, so I meet the halfway for each and the outcome, I chose the townhouse nearer to my childhood home and family.

Although not first choice but it is somehow that I wanted and besides, as soon as I have it means an investment right away.  I admit I didn’t like it at first but while it takes long, I am learning to love it and it’s in here where I started to love it.  Now, I am dreaming how beautify this tiny ideal home.  If by the time I will stay for good in my homeland and I still love this tiny dream house, then I’ll stay here.  But I still want the garden home that I planned as my retiring home, and if can have it when I get retired, then I will encash this investment and get what I truly want.
By Alex V. Villamayor
August 14, 2015

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