Friday, August 21, 2015


Stingy is a person who uses strong control in the flow of cash and doesn’t easily cuts the value of his money if not really needed and worth.  When it comes in any financial matter, the person immediately weighs the pros and cons before letting go the money from hand and pocket.  And keeps it maintained at is.  It’s fine for me to know a person of this personality, and personally I take no offense if were called stingy.  Being it is, as long as you are fairly not taking advantage and abusing anyone, and as long as you look the spending habit based on reality and on pragmatism trait, then it is not bad.  Some people are just faultfinding and taking it against being stingy and thrifty because they feel it’s corniness that does not belong to the group who are enjoying the fun of life.  Actually, some people consider stingy a human imperfection, fault, defect and shortcoming.

There is dammed distinction and thin red line separating between stingy and abusing. Thrifty is a person who doesn’t want to spend as much as possible if not really for basic needs, instead would rather keep the money.  If you are controlling your spending just to save from anything you want to have, that is not wrong as long as there is no life and health put at risk otherwise it is not the applied savings you are bringing into life.  If a person enjoys and abuses being always financially excused from the rest of the group, in advantage to spend for their expenses among his group, cheats to save and wants to gain without giving, then that is abusing.  The same thing to interrelate stingy with miser; when someone who is extremely ungenerous with money, that is miser but it should not be mistakenly quoted same with stingy.  While miser is about greed and mean grasping person, stinginess is only about not being generous.  Stingy is sparing or scant in using, giving and spending but not selfish.  And being ungenerous doesn’t mean not appreciative, in fact a stingy or thrifty person can give appreciation gift.  It could be small and economical but at least there is the gesture of appreciation and it is not always gaining.

There is nothing really to feel offend to be stingy for it is just being thrifty, practical, reasonable and realistic.  Instead, what you need to do is to distinguish how far and up to what extent should you go stingy?  Unless you are in dire financial debt, if you have limited resources, if the nature of expenditure is something that is against your traits, then it is in the right track when you hold back to spend.  Why to spend gadgets that are just luxury, tasty foods that contradicts wellness, partake in contributions that do not worth the cause, pay something that is not worth the price, and take things that you just want and not important and necessity?  Why will you give money for the sake of cooperation if everyone knows its end will mean harm?  Do you really need party or it is just an instigation of materialism?  These check and balance are reality and truthfulness, knowing the difference between necessities and wants.

There are people who just love spending and they usually criticise those stingy out of normal norms because of its contradiction to their interests, outdated get-up, materials and curiosities, and boring daily simple and quite life.  People most common excuses are the needs to enjoy the shortness of life and the truth of nothing we can bring into next life after death.  And this is what materialism about that exactly what those thrifty persons stay away from.  It’s a matter of how we enjoy life and since we will all go to afterlife fully bare and empty-handed, establishing our future and cleansing our mortal life while living on earth are certainly right.  And as final and closing words, I have but observed that those people who often criticize are those who have needs more – thoughts to ponder.

By Alex V. Villamayor

August 21, 2015

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