Saturday, August 08, 2015


Religion Discrimination is character in treating a person or group differently because of what they do or do not believe.  A sensitive issue that exists and seriously disputed in education, society, politics, employment but most of the time taken for granted and neglected in our personal issue.  Some people are already becoming secularist because they are judging others based on religion.  Maybe these people are unconsciously doing it but then their behaviour is persecuting other people who are in another flock of affiliated religion.  Things may not obvious prejudice that cannot instantly perceive but categorically, these people are already doing discrimination when it comes in religion.  There are things that we do not take serious cautions because they look so trivial from our perspective or simply we do not feel it bad at all because of its simplicity and triviality.  But these seemed to be just mundane things are actually overshadowing the whole picture, the religion discrimination.

To cite examples, there are people whom they’re hot-blooded and are apparently fierce from even minor faults of their peers who are in other sect of their religion.  If right away you are irritated at the person just because of his religion affiliation, or they are biased to reject everything that a person is doing simply because that person is from other faith, if they will not consider someone to join in their group because of their spiritual differences, if for whatever reason you feel uncomfortable with anyone from other religion other than yours, or if you are accusing and judging the whole religion itself just because of the personality of one of its followers, then these are religion discrimination.  Hypocrisy is yours for you are not really practicing to be a good follower of your own religion. Not good for you, if you are judgmental to your brothers and sisters, who the wise man are you to treat anyone undeserved and to capably ignore the other human creation of God?

It is just saddening to see people who despite oftentimes love to express their piousness are turned to be having hidden instigation of sin.  Religious hypocrisy, they are those who always recite their prayers, acting their religious gestures, good in giving advice about the right things, putting spiritual images in their places and belongings, keenly practicing their religion but deep inside they are very well trained in worldly traits like politicking, cheating, and protecting personal interest to name a few.  The unholy saints, funny to see someone who is sincerely praying but we know how unlikely behavior he does.  In a group argument, he shares his wisdom, strongly reiterates his opinion, citing reaction and critics, and then he portray the good brother to everybody.  Pity these kinds of people for they will not change any longer because for what they thought they’re pious.

The problem with some of us is that we believe more on our wisdom than our book.  Stop religion discrimination.  If you thought you are doing the right thing you strongly believe right, then you must look the whole thing as the religion you are representing and not your personal feeling.  You are causing the defect of your group.  If you have undergone a distasteful experience with a certain person from other spiritual affiliation, do not let your emotion rule over your head.  It is not everybody’s fault the mistakes of one, it is unfair.  Bigoted persons should go back to their old school to refresh their good moral and right conduct.

By Alex V. Villamayor

August 9, 2015

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