Tuesday, August 25, 2015


It’s nice to receive something if they are really meant for you.  It means it is something intentionally given to you without being asked, hinted, instructed or demanded.  Whatever you want, it is always nice and better to have them if you really know they are unexpected or unsolicited.  Things that have given to you without being asked, hinted or making felt for are those worth to keep and treasure because it is in here where the true meaning of surprise, spirit of the true purpose and sincere giving are with you.  It is flattering to know you were remembered and were really intended to be given and not just complied because of ashamed or constrained.  There are people who cannot wait to be given of whatever they wanted to get, speak what they want to receive be it small or inexpensive.  They will really make way to let you know in whatever ways to give them homecoming goodies, handover them of complementary giveaways, and receive presents whatever the occasions might be.  If by any chance they were not given, sometimes they will really go to the person to poke fun in giving them.  Or they will really say beforehand to give them something before the day comes.

Let us not precede the giving.  Let us not lead to go through by imposing the giving of gifts, homecoming present, and giveaways.  Sometimes we thought it is okay to do these often because we are taking into consideration the friendship that we will not be rejected anyway, or saying these are just merely expression of fondness, or presupposing that these small things are not really big inconvenience.  But whichever the case, being voluntary giving is still and always preferable, precious, better and solemn.  If we are giving hint for what we want to receive, it could push someone to dead end and get caught red-handed to force them to give.  Sometimes people cannot just say no because of shy or simply just being trapped until finally do so.  And what is the importance of all of this if it is not really from the heart?  Giving the benefit of the doubt by saying it’s willingly given even it is after being told only, let us admit that it is still different and more meaningful if you were taught-out or took time to find something for you rather than pressed.  Unless it is really an honest to goodness oblivion, otherwise receiving is still better to think that you will not be forgotten if you were really meant to be given. But you don’t have to remind, because assuming that it was really forgotten, it is better not to remind because the truth was you were remembered but were only forgotten.

Forced gift is thoughtless and has never been meaningful.  Let us wait to receive.  There is nothing wrong to ask as long as it is only occasional or it is really a necessity.  There are just people who are really prone fond of asking and soliciting not because they are less fortunate, lacking, or they are in dire need but rather they are just merely thrilled to get for they are happy when they were given.  How can you be proud to have collection of souvenir if in fact you should not suppose to have them?  There are really persons who love to beseech.  In a local slang word, they were called harbatera or arbotera (female form).  Some are just fond to receive even trivial or big.  Beseeching that eventually affirmative is nice because it adds confidence in our human interrelationships by feeling other people loves us for they cannot say no to us. But it is not just about asking something intended to serve as showmanship of fondness but it is a bad habit that reflects our personality.  The lack of shame character of a person becomes wrong and irksome if habitually done in several circumstances.  Let’s learn to wait and receive, why it needs to precede, why not just wait being handed over to know if you were really intended to be given? 

Ni Alex V. Villamayor
March 24, 2015

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