Sunday, May 19, 2013


When reaching the temperature even higher while the peak of summer is ruining our days, beating the heat is like accomplishing the tough mission.  The soggy warmth in any given time is no way out, whether it is daytime or nighttime.  Unless you are living in the comfort of your air-conditioned house, room or condominium, bath is good only while you are bathing but the moment you wiped with soft, clean and fragrant towel the wet on your body, you will actually realize that you are perspiring again.

It is in this season that fleeing to cool destination which beach hoping as such is just right and proper.  And in this season too that I’m so easy to fall in love in beautiful coastlines around the country.  Last summer, I was able to get the chance to visit again the place that I once called paradise – the Boracay.  This is the place I once said that if there is one place I wish to get back – this is it.  Because if you are extremely fascinated with wonder of nature then going to paradise again and again will not complete your pleasure.  And this is the mere reason of my thrilled prior to my flight to see again the place that I used to love.  The scenic spot of Boracay have reminisced on my mind and I can’t help to keep on telling this to my company that I will be joined in going back to paradise.
My excitement filled me in delight until the moment I stepped my feet on the island’s shore.  Looking around, I tried to acquaint myself to the place I used to visit which I felt somewhere, somehow and something is strange.  Until at last I got my final destination, then I admit that visiting Boracay again bare me to big difference.  Boracay has changed far different now from what I have seen it twenty years ago.   I felt lost trying to search the old look of the place why I called it paradise.  Searching the old splendid view, clean, serene, greeneries, wide and soft white sand but chance is unwelcoming to give me these signs and marks.

Boracay in new look is exuding its different charm now.  Still blessed with the crystal-clear blue water which what it makes attractive, the island is sparking now with fun and foods.  Nightlife is still lively with music, dances, lights, drinks and foods. With Boracay’s present station now, I tried appreciating its natural beauty bares in its hidden treasures.  If you are nature lover and defender, nestling in Boracay is quite not impressive.  But for busy beach-goer, fun lover and night person, this is the new place to cuddle.

Catering the high demand of the visiting guests constrained the island to embrace the changes.  Welcoming them is reducing the greens and adapts the voluminous coast into lodge’s spacious promenade.  The tens of thousands set of feet that walked all throughout the long stretched of powdery white sand compressed them hard and dim.  And the covered area of the sightseers was extended by exploring the border of the island.

Maybe I just didn’t anticipate having to fade the green lush, sugar-like white sand, colorful flora, wide shore and the panoramic view of the island, which I expected much to see them again.  Visiting the missed island again just left me an impression that I would rather not keep for long.  But if I will get back again to the island, I want to see the Boracay that is so pure, fresh and calm.

Getting to Boracay from Manila can be via Caticlan Airport or via Kalibo International Airport.  Compare to Kalibo, Caticlan is nearer to Boracay.  It will take you 10 minutes tricycle ride from airport to wharf, then another 15 minutes boat ride to the island.  If via Kalibo, it will take you a 2-hour bus or van ride from airport to wharf, then a 15 minutes by ferry boat to Boracay Island.  Aside from time difference, the amount of transportation differ the travel between Caticlan and Kalibo.

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