Thursday, August 15, 2013


Into relationship is not always being about romantic commitment.   You can into relationship too spiritually, civil, business, of course biologically, and as companion friends.    A friend is into relationship, nothing special although it’s more than usual, and it could be mutual understanding but there is no conformity, and it’s celebration.

It’s three years now and a friend is commemorating it but reminiscing the years of platonic friendship as way of giving importance to the relationship.  Having the 3-year old friendship is quite good but too soon to speak to last forever because there are still more trials that will test the friendship amidst of this difficult world.

Looking back from the start, it was days of uncertain, understanding to acceptance, pretending until sincerity and realism.  From being awkward to ease, vested interest to common plans, and acquaintance and colleagues into friends.  Their friendship has blended and comprehended with each other.  Though it is not all sweet but disputes even existed, friendship prevails on top.

It’s three years now of sharing hard time and good times, giving words to ponder, admitting secrets or uncovering the dark sides and keeping them undisclosed, even exchanging mundane things up to sharing in forming the dreams.  The chatting goes on again and again but never had enough of, never fed up, never run out to talk about.  Everything may look like fool men’s blandishment, but every word spoken went through deep within.

It may be years of shallowness and concupiscence (worldliness) but in these 3 years enclose their most worth remembering moment.  There were high and low with happiness, joy, tears, pain, dreams.  Misunderstanding was there, yet happiest moment was there too.   Three years till then still love to keep stay.

Celebrating Friendship
By Alex V Villamayor
August 15, 2013

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