Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Some people are just meant to be single for the rest of their lives.In one point of their lives they planned to be married but it simply did not work.  Some of them had desperately sought partner but they really destined to be unmarried.Or some may think they better off alone, while some have married at very young.  Either ways, these just prove that people will not have same ending in their consequential fate.

Some people are better off as single to achieve their dreams.  Fate makes them more successful and fruitful if they are alone, unattached and undisturbed with their task.  Skeptic people surely will say success is nothing if there is no family of their own to offer the success, but if they are happy being without spouse and offspring who cares then for these skeptic people?

For some, they value solitude, peace and even privacy which they can best achieve through living alone.  It is not really the spontaneity in decision-making that has no restrictions, limitations or boundaries but it is their fear of the responsibilities.  Likewise, it’s not that they do not have affection in children, interest in raising their own family, and inability to commit into relationship but because they have a bigger definition of being a good provider than the general standard of other people.

People may choose to remain single because they are just not interested in getting married at all and they just don't feel the need to be with someone romantically for the rest of their lives.  For someone who knows who they really are inside and they're not going to feel any need to be in a relationship, they can remain single, happy, and live a wonderful and fulfilling life. That’s the essence of life.

There are millions of men and women who have the feeling that marriage is not their life which we should respect them for that.  For whatever reason whether it is by choice or not they preferred to remain single, we need to accept that because it is God’s will.  The problem with other people is that they are so fast, easy and so mean to judge about people who are not marrying as in they are hands on with what is going through with other people.

When learning an old unmarried person, here comes immediately the sarcastic and judgmental people without hesitation will share their harsh thoughts.  There is always a stigma attached to being old yet single.  Some people are simply cruel enough persecuting an unmarried person as homo, broken-hearted, villain, unfortunate, cursed, etcetera which are so unfair.Is it really difficult to understand that there are really men and women in this world who are destined to be alone?  Some people are just simply narrow-minded.

Being single doesn’t make less a man.  There is nothing wrong being a single.  It is not even failure and weakness.  If you feel you lived your life into it’s full circle, then your personality has measured favorably whether you’re married or unmarried.  Greatness and weakness depend on how well you showed your human relationships.In the end, it’s better to be single but well-loved rather than hated and miserable married one.

Being Single
By Alex V. Villamayor

August 6, 2013.

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