Monday, September 16, 2013


In various social networking websites today like FaceBook, Twitter, Blog, Linkedin, WAYN, Hi5, YouTube, MySpace, Wikipedia,, etcetera, sometimes reading the comments in our news feed is quite irksome.  Some comments are just off that should not be posted at all, making the post to be blown out of proportion.  Either they are just abuse comments from irresponsible netizens or they are just merely blowing their own horn.  The phenomenon of FaceBook is too much to resist joining and opening an account.  Because it captures the very interest of the users in building connections and interactions with family, friends and those long-lost friends which are the core purposes of this social networking. Add as well are the making of new friends, establishing contacts, sharing of thoughts, news and multimedia content, making our world closer.   And since it is so accessible, easy and free to own, anyone can have account in any social media.  With the dominance of social media today, our communication is not the same as before that was face-to-face interaction, more personal, careful and responsible.

In today’s sophisticated, amazing and fast-paced world of computer age, surfing the net is selling like a hot cake that are smash hit from all genre.  Any news, images and videos that we posted in the internet are transmitted instantly in the cyberspace.  Many scams that surfaced in the internet were Goggled by the thrilled, fascinated and interested viewing public until it become viral.  That is why it is extremely important to be extra careful and responsible when posting our thoughts.  Remember that we are interacting not only within our circle of friends but with the rest of world too.  It is a shared world, expect different reactions when posting your 2-sents which can be interpreted in different ways, contradicted and offended to other’s point of view.  Different people, belief, personality, perception and emotion, you have to be broad minded and matured.  And since most social networks are open to public which can be accessed by minors, we have to be sensitive and considerate with our behaviour in cyberspace.  We do not post in these websites any materials that have sexual content and adult in nature.  We have to respect the youth not to corrupt their young and vulnerable mind.  Certain types of posts need to be cautious and need appropriate place, otherwise it will jeopardize you.  Post that depicts other people in compromising situation could lead to a potential detrimental consequence.  Posting controversial issues, political view, and religious belief is very sensitive topic that can be disturbing and offensive.

Social media is very powerful means of communication but there are just people pretending to be clever claiming of being straightforward and honest while in fact ill-mannered and rude who are capable of uttering such harsh, cruel and mean posts.  Many have been bullied by the mischievous netizens using freedom of speech as excuse to bully in cyberspace.  While other group of nuisance netizens are those attention-suckers who love posting images of gadgets and personal stuff to brag what they've got, expensive foods and restaurant, photos showing the places they can afford to go to, and changing of profile pictures every now and then.  While it is our choice and there is nothing wrong with these, and myself is not exemption doing some of these, but what it makes really big turn-off is our very intension.   Being narcissistic, dandy, and lecherous are awkward posts that are irritating.  Sometimes the feeling that is so personal should not be broadcasted.  A question in a contest was asked what should be made private in this age of everything is made public?  In today’s hype and prime of social media, there is still so much to keep private but our personal information and preference should remain private first and foremost.  As cybercrime is virtually roaming around the net waiting their prey thru hacking, phishing, pirating, fraud, stalking, etc.   With all of social media impudence, internet scams, cyberspace predators, and  all these events in websites; exercising appropriate discretion is the proper etiquette that should be practiced when using social media.  One should at least know what should and should not be posted.


By Alex V. Villamayor

September 16, 2013

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