Tuesday, September 10, 2013


In our world today of materialism and worldliness, many people are strengthening, enriching, uplifting and empowering themselves to become dominant, respected, untouchables, and fearsome.  And yes it is depressing to know that these have to happen at any cost, be it in right or wrong means.  But in spite of this, it is good thing to know that there are handful of informants who tell the wrongdoings – the whistle-blowers.

There have been many bursting scams involving politicians, businessmen, community and religious leaders, and celebrities surfaced in internet and headlined the news in broadsheet and television.  Relationship, crimes, and wealth, mostly are about money, the root of all evils.  Amidst of noise and disturbance in clashed with power and positions, like a referee has to blow the whistle to pacify the situation and fix the mess.  I thank the whistle-blowers.I give my salute to brave people who took the center stage to uncover the anomaly that should not exist on the first place.  I take my hats off to the whistle-blowers that came forward in front and boldly exposed before our very eyes about the wrongdoings of anybody.  Especially those high profile and big scams that may risk their lives, thank for their guts, courage and confidence.  We always need people like them to step in front and reveal the anomalies.

We may sick and tired to hear about their common sayings that no more they can bear their conscience.  We may have heard this many times nevertheless true or not, I believe it is still worth to owe their exposé. In some cases the whistle-blowers may have direct involvement in the crime to tag them as malcontents whose vested interest is just profiting from their accusations.  Add still is the people’s cruel perception that their admission is just a simple retaliation from swindling.  Either ways, we must acknowledge their revelation as turning point to pursuit the truth and justice.  People may still doubt, interrogate, and demand to ask their timing.  I think we should not condemn the whistle-blower for coming out late because we didn’t know what they have gone through.  Maybe there was risk not only in their life but for their limb too, are you going the do the same?  I am not questioning their late confession and revelation because I believe in right timing.  It’s all timing, maybe if they stepped their feet forward earlier and take the lead will not merit due to inadequate proof.  Maybe too soon to speak its content and size that will not earn support from majority people.  Maybe their late revelation is just in the right time to accumulate its size that enough to stimulate the general public’s awareness and support.

Or maybe we want to ask ourselves if they did not do it, who will do then?  If they did not do today, when it should be done?  I just thank their coming out in any given time because there should no late when it comes in seeking the truth.  I would like to give them a big applause for their advocacy of revealing the truth.  Let’s just understand their occurrence out of nowhere and out of time, and extend our sympathy to the whistle-blowers for it is no-joke on what they have undergone for the sake of truth and justice.  The fear of reprisal from personalities they implicated, false accusations of boosting their hidden interest, profiting the situation and peddling stories create a distressing effect on the willingness of whistle-blowers to come forward and expose wrongdoing.  Let us take care and do not neglect the whistle-blowers for it is in their hands the key to collar the culprits and the mastermind of scam.


By Alex V. Villamayor

September 10, 2013

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