Sunday, March 23, 2014


Since the ancient time till date, our world is full of wonders, mysteries, and miracle.  Superstitions, lucky charms, predictions and horoscopes are part of our old and conservative custom that still exists in our modern age now.  Superstition is an integral part of culture around the world.  Merriam Webster defines superstition as a belief or way of behaving that is based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck; a belief that certain events or things will bring good or bad luck.  Superstition is the result of our religious belief or of precedent’s ancient occurrence.  While prediction is the result of the senses about what might happen in the future through extrasensory perception (ESP), could be based on astrology, numerology, etymology, even prophecies and unseen energy around us that vibrates.  Unlike superstition, prediction is somewhat intimidating to contradict for it lie the future, if life is at stake would be tough to gamble the chance.  Psychics always say their predictions are just predictions and prayers is still the best weapon, that they serve warning and preparation for dreadful forecast and inspiration for good.

In one point of our life, let’s admit that somehow we believed in a superstition.  I doubt if there is one person in this earth that on his entire existence had not ever experienced to follow any superstition.  I had a lot when I was young for I was not thinking then and just absorbing whatever I have grown with.  But soon after I’ve started probing its dependability, slowly I’d realized their essence seemed to be senseless.  Now, I really don’t sense to follow these superstitions because in some points it’s quite nonsense but I admit compelled myself to obey selectively if it has something to do about life and health.  I just don’t understand why these should exist.  Pardon me, but they’re mind-downgrading.

There is nothing to lose if comply as the believers always keep on saying.  But is that really so?  Is it worth to devour your personality in submitting yourself with this belief that has irrational thoughts and basis?  Maybe it can be nothing in the small and short-term circumstances that don’t bother you right there, but looking ourselves in the bigger picture, it is your being that at stake.  Superstition is mythical curse made by human that believing is losing of self-respect, conviction, confidence, common sense and religious faith.  While all of us have somehow obeyed superstition, I never fixate myself but choose the acceptable like doing the sign of the cross as good luck.  Even people who do not believe in superstition may still think of a wish when they see a falling star.  But instances like eating food being eaten by expecting mother will feel sleepy or sick, a man or a lady will come when the fork or spoon fell, not wearing purple otherwise you’ll be old maid until you die, and more; these things are really ridiculous that are really difficult to accept.  I do not really care to pay attention in these kinds for most of them are generally not practical and unreasonably true.  And I just feel fool to believe in the thoughts that have no concrete bases or natural process linking the main action and the corresponding consequences.

Prophecies, predictions, omen, and miracles are mysteries that are difficult to explain but do happen.  These are part of our journey that we unearth in finding the truth.  Including here is the superstition, it depends on our common sense to handle them.  Know the boundaries if we crossed the lines of rational and ridiculous.  It’s our faith.  Over complying in superstition is a turn off in our belief and mental aptitude.  But going back to the basic, if we are following the good life and clean living, the future will be good for us.  If we are sowing the good seeds to our brothers and sisters, reaping the good fruits is the law of karma that even without wearing lucky charms and following superstitions, we will not afraid and peace of mind will be around.

By Alex V. Villamayor
March 22, 2014

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