Saturday, March 08, 2014


In my career history, my present job is so far has the longest year that I have stayed with any company reaching today at least ten years.  I’ve been in four companies both in local and abroad.  I have five years with my first employment in a bank while three years and four years in another local bank and overseas bank respectively.  With three consecutive banks that I served, it is presently in a foreign oil company that I have earned the longest service while thousand miles away from home.

It’s good to feel to have earned a decade of continuous year.  It flashed back to the very beginning where every new hires are excited for the job, motivated, hard- driven and focused.  I feel the sense of pride for reaching the first ten years and claiming the fruit of hard work from the long fruitful, remarkable and unforgettable ten years.  It is not the monetary digit that exhilarates my stay with my company now but what reward me most are the wonderful things I received that may not happened if I were not here for the last ten years.  And sometimes it is worth to ponder that beyond a certain point, our need may has less to do with money but it is the contentment towards we do is what counts more.  And I will always be grateful to everyone who in one way or another have been tools in receiving all the blessings.

Looking back the early years, I can’t help but to take a trip down memory lane to my very beginning.  In summing up the most remarkable chronicle of my stay from day one to this very present day, my prolific ten years could best describe when I was able make the most of my passion in creative writing while working hard for a living.  This is when I was given the opportunity to become part of a company quarterly newsletter.  It fits a snug as a bug in a rug, what a satisfying fulfillment when you can have both things that you most liked to do.  It is in this way when I am counting my first ten years with the company, the next ten years or more is a renaissance that metaphors my passion and interest in writing to reinvent my skills that sprouted its good growth and had born abundant fruits.  As a writer by heart, the company journal is the icing on the cake in my entire career that by chance happened to be in my present employer.

Completing the ten years is something that any employees will feel proud to celebrate the long years of working with the company.  It serves self-achievement in passing the long tough years and indeed could be sentimental; the ten year mark is the first true milestone in our career.  Like the daffodils growing in the environs, our decade symbolizes the happiness and joy that reflect the loyalty with being with the company.  The ten years of endurance and patience from unrelenting pain and suffering of being away from home have strengthened and hardened us like a tin to stand firmed.  It represents our flexibility and durability against the challenges but just like the malleable, ductile and silvery-white metal, trials may bend us yet it will not break us.

Celebrating the 10 years is nonetheless reviving our cores and right beginning using the apt scheme to gain success.  It is just the ideal time to restore the same early motivation we had to set more goals for the coming years.  After reaching the first ten years, it is inspiring to start that after all these years, there are still much more we can do and achieve for another ten years.  Earning the decade with any company will not happen if not for the good company itself.  Some may have ceased to thrive with the organization and may regretfully leave but authors Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman quoted “good employees leave their managers not companies”.  At any rate, I am staying with my employer as a company that is partner in reaping the future success.

B y Alex V. Villamayor
March 8, 2014

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