Friday, February 14, 2014


On the red month of February, I just thought this is the perfect time to write about love, any kind of love.  There is love about affection, friendship, there is romance, and the unconditional love.  But today, it’s nice to talk about Eros love, it is love month anyway.  Because the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to someone in this world is to love and loved.  No matter what happen, be it sweet or painful, at least you have felt how to be in-love.  When a man and a woman fall in love, it’s always “till death do they part” their own course for they are perfectly for each other.  It takes a man and woman to build a family and fill this earth to set forth, be fruitful and multiply.

When the powerful love gets to conquer anyone, no mountain is high and no ocean is deep, all will despise just to obey what it called for.  Because of this emotion, many have got insane and take the chances and have ended up together in the end.  But love is not always as perfect as it should be, sometimes relationships don’t work and has its end.  And indeed because of this love, many have tempted to take the left turn.  For couples, being faithful is one of the main keys for successful marriage, aside from the respect, trust, and give and take, love can go deep and grow even more.  Although there is no perfect relationship, misunderstanding and argument that they may go through are normal for every couple.  But if there is physical harm for any of the couple, then it is not healthy that should put to end.

For those suffering spouses whose love is fading, do not let it until even the respect has gone.  You should spare yourself, don’t afraid in unhappy ending because it is not.  Slumping in despair is not happy.  Stand, pick up your pieces, go out, shout out it quit, build yourself up and love yourself.  Parting each way is not the end anyway but the beginning of your each own life.  Don’t feel the guilt of failure for not having fulfilled your vow and violating what God has bind together is no man can separate because you are only writing the boarder lines between your physical bodies.  Your parenting as good parents to your children is still there, and even your support to each other as announced husband and wife can be civilly extended.

When it comes to third party in any love triangle, entering into this relationship is risky move that is tough to get out.  Do not entertain any chance that will lead to this illicit affair.  Jink as early because once hooked is really so difficult to eschew.  Entering into this relationship is always on the losing side.  Love is really mysterious where wrong becomes right, it is heart over mind, the feeling dictates rather the rationalization.  It is really painful but it needs to stop.  If you are into this kind of love, learn the art of acceptance of letting go. Love knows sacrifices, if you really know what love is, don’t be selfish to own the thing that is not yours.  The reason why you did not meet ahead of your present partner on the first place is because you are not to each other.

Now, all relationship outside marriage is always forbidden.  And there is another love that may not into triangle but still in questionable.  Included in this affair that is more even complicated relationship than those illicit affairs of a man and a woman is the love of the same sexes that despite of modernization, receptive, and acknowledged are still considerably unconventional and still not fully accepted.  When love rules, you cannot really tell that you will not go wrong.  They may have the feeling of pure and genuine love though in wrong place, what these homosexual relationships least to do is to control their show of public display of affection.  It is really good for those gays and lesbians who hid their affair rather than those open that becomes an object of ridicule, criticism and laughter.   If you are into homosexual relationship, no matter how liberated and how much you love each other, still there is always an appropriate prescribed etiquette that must be observed.  Let us always put ourselves in the proper place, be it man, woman, gay or lesbian whether it is in friendship, infatuation and love.  Loving each other is not enough, you have to consider what is right and fair.

By Alex V. Villamayor

February 14, 2014

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