Friday, April 11, 2014


People are different from each other in so many things.  We have our own personal identity physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially.  We may be different in identity but human as we are most likely have common goals in life that we want to achieve.  That is to be happy and successful.  In this world, there is nothing more for everyone but to be happy.  And talking about happiness, often wise our contentment as human is normally for tangible things.  In finding our happiness, the level of spending happiness will depend what will really make us happy as the person who we are.  And here it goes managing our finance.  In reality, there are people who simply don’t know the difference between necessity and luxury.  There are people who are not realistic but actually careless, wasteful, wrong and in excess when it comes in spending.  Frugality is not their priority.  For these people, expenditure is becoming materialistic and earthly instead of practical.

A colleague asked me about my interest in going to different out of town places while I can use all those expenses to own the house that I wanted.  My colleague was definitely right.  The digits that I am spending to those travels are more than enough to become part of a million-worth house.  I replied with all honesty and due respect in that opinion.  As a migrant worker, I had already that thinking since the beginning of my first employment abroad.  That was the reason why I set aside my plans to roam but I’d realized no matter how I saved, acquiring the dream house was still elusive despite doing responsible spending.  If I cannot go to different places without getting the house, then I will go to different places without getting the house – at least one out of two rather than none out of two. I know it was quite careless instinct, but that silly feeling helped me to improve my planning strategy.  It’s a matter of priority; I’ve learned the value of financial plan.  Getting the cut of the pie for my planned destination tours after setting aside my savings for my house puts me in places.

When it comes in savings and spending, everything is a matter of priority.  Like other people who can find their happiness in acquiring hi-tech gadgets, signature and branded products, food tripping, amusement and spending good night out parties.  Nothing is wrong with these as long as you can afford them.  Meddling others with their spending habit is not our business as long as long as it is not your money.  We can’t help but pity them.  Frugality is wisdom, be wise in spending.  It is not just acquiring the latest and underlining your status symbol or your economic status.  I am not expert in finance management and handling income, but my formula is that if the searching and spending your happiness becomes materialism, self-importance, and budget-buster, then it’s time for reflection.  Getting what you want and your capability to get them is equal to happiness without compromising your future and the welfare of others.  Your income less your investment is equal to your basic needs and leisure over the miscellaneous expense.  Put yourself in the equation, from your capital, ensure your savings and the rest is for your daily needs, then your reasonable leisure first before giveaways.  If your happiness is fair and reasonable, that is a good manifestation of valuing your hard earned money.  It’s the long-term benefits against the easy-gone.  It is just happened that I do not find the long term happiness, interest and priority in material things like gadgets and foods.  My passion is nature and environment that I can get from visiting different scenic places.  I do not think it a waste since it gives a lasting and long-term benefits and the experience I acquired strengthens my compassion in nature and environment.

By Alex V. Villamayor
April 11, 2014

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