Friday, December 19, 2014


In my journey to health, sometimes saying no to given offers from friends to have foods or join in a food trip is difficult to refuse.  It is difficult not because of I am craving for foods and controlling but it is the guilt of disregarding the spirit of cooperation and friendship and ignoring the effort they made.

But I have to stand my affirmation.  I may look killjoy but I have to assume that people will understand me.  Sometimes I feel ashamed for it seems I’m becoming overacting and finicky.  But I have to say no, otherwise I know that I infringed my own self.

The very reason why I am saying no to their calls is because of the kinds of food itself.  I am trying to get rid-off fats, salt and sweet if I can avoid them as much as possible.  I see their foods every morning, in birthday celebrations, luncheon, restaurants, hotel, send-off, thanksgiving and during payday.   Seeing them one after another in every couple of the week is not what it called occasionally.  I am not wondering to hear when one cries when he feels sorry about his health, it is you are what you eat.

Not lifting own chair and blowing own horn but I do not see myself in the clinic as often as what others do the fact that they are much younger than me.  I am medically fit that I enjoy more than those who are not taking extra careful about their health.  I am not taking vitamins and food supplement and I am not maintaining medicines to watch my blood pressure, sugar and weight, though I need to be humble for I do not know if soon there will be illness that is not cause from my carefulness.   Who know, no one ever knows.

I am known cautious when it comes to food and lifestyle.  In encouraging others and as an artist by heart, I am posting in my blog some write-ups, videos and pictures that I believe can help.  I am doing cuisine and in fairness, the foods that I post are not unhealthy.  Often, they are veggies and if meat I choose lean meat as chicken breast that sautéed in coconut or olive oil.  Very seldom I use red meat.

The nice thing about following honest diet is that when you missed it one time or two, you will not feel guilty for you know you can easily get back on your feet.  A day or two has no dramatic effect for those who are doing sincere diet.  That is why once in a while (rarely) I pumper myself to treat in a cozy restaurant to say that I am not boring and killjoy.  Healthy foods is not boring anyway, you just have to be creative.

In your journey to heath, accompanied is the sacrifice that may test your social life.  If your group is not doing the same caution you do, your friendship will really get affected.  Then it is your choice.  For the sake of yourself, you have to make firm decision, determination and discipline.  If you don’t have the willpower, you are weak then and you’ll easily be caught in the flow of the currents and end up failed in your journey to health.

By Alex V. Villamayor
December 19, 2014

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