Monday, September 14, 2015


I’ve already turned down so many opportunities to join in any pyramiding scheme way back in the 1990’s when networking became popular in business world.  Until today, personally I do not join any business as such be it online or not.  I am simply not interested in the nature of pyramiding that if I want to earn I need to establish a network by bringing new members.   Sales talk is one of my weaknesses and to go on top of the pyramid I have to be good in this field.  That’s one of the reasons why I have no instant interest in this business.  Then another thing, I am not easily tempted in easy money or instant money job.  I always believe that I have to work hard for my success.  There is no instant and overnight success.  I’m not speaking too soon to say there is monkey business in pyramiding – no, it’s unfair to accuse immediately because there are really legitimate opportunities in pyramid businesses.  I am just trained in persistence and patience even it may take long time.  But to say to become millionaire in a short period of time and in easy way, maybe you need to pause for a while and be cautious.  Bear the pain of long diligence because it is even more painful to learn later that you were scammed.

Just to hear them, many mean and harsh words have been said about pyramiding and networking. Although there should nothing really supposed to be fault but our impression has changed and redefined them due to the trauma they imparted to the people.  In many times I am not giving my personal opinion about pyramiding or networking because I have some friends who are into it whom I do not want to offend with my opposite personal view.  But just on this time that I feel the responsibility, just for once I will give this story as a writer who wishes to send message to his readers.  Pyramiding and networking are actually good that only become wrong when there is scam involved.  When there are promises that seem to be too good to be true, when there is a required recruitment of new members and when there is involved payment without the tangible products or obvious services except the guaranteed return – undeniably it’s pyramiding and networking.  I am not presuming to speak they are bogus and it’s premature to say scam but for sure it is networking because the very nature of it is pyramiding itself.

When the return of investment is so lucrative, have a little amount of doubt for the sake of being cautious.  This is the classic sample of pyramid scam. In our time of internet and social media, you could be fending off offer chances to make easy money even by barely working from the comfort on your own home.  And in this age of computer, scammers become trickier and even high tech too to watch their prey, be careful if you are already dealing with them.  There are several distinguishing signs to identify scam.  Like when there is a required certain amount regardless of any amount as joining fee, as soon as you paid it’s gone, it’s same as paying to fly by night operation.  Or if to become a member you were forced to purchase a certain product, if you were required to recruit other than selling product, if there is no really actual selling of product but focusing only in recruiting investors, if there is a promise of lucrative return of investment, and lastly which is the most accurate is that if the business to operate is not registered in government agencies which means they are not allowed to take money, then you should be wary and avoid them at all costs because something smells fishy here. 

Actually, the most apparent sign to at least doubt, if not to determine is if there is a promise of fast and high returns to the investors that is something too good to be true, then use your common sense and remember the old cliché.  What the heck business that will give an impossible more than 100% profit in an easy way?  Do not let greed hook you and lure you with the nice words persuading that you deserved to become rich.  Scammers will do all means to make you believe, will provide even witnesses to testify the truth or they will show proof such as properties, savings account, and etcetera but no matter how many witnesses and proof they bring, just stick to only one important thing: check their legitimacy in government agencies. It’s none of my business if people want to earn a living, but if their instinct and way on how to earn is by taking advantage other people, then this is where I am writing and criticizing the pyramiding and networking.  Our desire to earn for better life drives us to make business but invest your hard-earned money wisely.  Always be on the right track, transact with legal business.

By Alex V. Villamayor

September 14, 2015

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