Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Someone asked me why I am not particular to celebrate some Christian festivities, saying that it needs to do our obligations and observe these occasions as a good shepherd of the flock.  My reply, I just told that I’m not really into attending more celebrations.  I think this is the least that I can speak and there is no need to argue.  Although at the back of my mind, I have more stored to say but I rather kept them in there unspoken.  I want to believe that it’s not what we can show what we can do but it’s what our faith’s strength.  What matter anyway is that I really know right in my heart what I truly feel inside.

I’m somewhat contented with what on-going.  I am not really a fanatic of parties and I feel fine to be not visible in celebrating some occasions either it is for spiritual or social celebrations because when I’m seeing many people actively participate in these activities but realizing their contradicting acts, then I feel right.  I have observing others who are faithfully expressing their devotion to let’s say All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday but contrary to their pronouncement, I see them playing loud music (for instance) during these solemn moment of the occasions.  It’s awkward to see those portraying religious but see or hear them talking laud, speaking indecency, vulgar,  gossiping, which are contrary to the very meaning of the occasions.  These can be trivial but in this little things can measure your sincerity to your words and deeds.  The least you can do, you can still listen to music if you cannot really avoid it but I think you should do it secluded.   Apparently, hypocrisy is sin but the problem is most hypocrites are not even aware that they are getting wrong.

I’ve been keep on saying these, there is no need to indulge ourselves in too much enjoyment – it just becomes us materialistic.  Some people are just using the occasions like Christmas and New Year to attend parties and reunion every where as excuse to satisfy their desire in fun and foods.  Just pity because everything is becoming fake.  It might sound stereotyped but nevertheless true, there are several ways of celebrations other than fun and foods if your real intention is to give thanks only. Call it corny but other than fun and foods, you can give back your thanks through prayers and this is the best way anyway.  Or you can toss a feeding day to your chosen schools or the hungry out of school youth, or orphanage on your birthday.  Or in some occasion, you can do charity works by giving donations or staging an activity that proceed will go to the needy.  You can be creative if you can write a poem or song that coincides the date of the occasion to give value on the occasion as celebration.  Or you can help someone to alleviate his problem at least it will symbolize your thanksgiving or share of blessings.  And all these, you can do it by withholding your anonymously.

I am celebrating New Year’s Eve, sometimes show my presence in rare celebrations like success, very seldom in birthdays and other usual regular celebrations.  I join in group outdoor activities.  It’s not that bad, I think my human interrelationship is just fine.  There is no need to attend all parties, what’s more important is you show you care or you can remember people’s special dates even in simplest ways.  My intentions in controlling these parties are to lessen the fascination in worldliness, to stand by my dispassionate in materialism, and to keep myself in good health.

By Alex V. Villamayor
November 4, 2015

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