Saturday, January 16, 2016


You are what you eat.   Your health, your appearance, your productivity – they tell what you are according to your eating.  It is the metamorphosis of life, if you are a big fan of pork, no offense but you’ll look like what you love to eat – sounds funny but nevertheless be figuratively true.  If you are hard-headed to stop your obsession to yummy but unhealthy foods, do not get surprised if you are a regular patient in the clinic.  You like sweets, then why complaining your sugar content?  You like juicy taste of pork chicken and beef then why are you crying for your high blood pressure?  You love alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks, then why are you worried of your bladder, gall stone, liver and heart?  You are fond with junk foods so why will you expect good nutrients?  It is a junk for junk, garbage in is garbage out.  It is whatever you are doing will just come back to you.  Fruit of your deed is karma.  Call it harsh but you are just deserved for them.

In health issues, there are many stories surround us that if we will criticise each stories, the common denominator is foods.  First of all, you are not really taking care yourself if you get illness because of your eating habit.  Many people have wrong impression that because they eat vegetables today or for two days, then on the rest of the week and next week they can eat meat like pork, chicken, beef and other lambs.  Or not because they are working out then they can disregard the standard advice of doctors and health buff about health.  These are wrong.  That is why you may wonder why despite your tries to eat and live healthy yet you are ending up in clinic and hospitals for check-up of illness because you are having wrong belief.  The thing is, you can eat this meat once a week at most and the rest of the week or the next week should be vegetables, fruits and wheat bread.

You are a customer of processed foods, then you will ask why you are not feeling well?  You love cheese so much, you like junk foods, and you like soft drinks – that is why your blood pressure is not well.  You always cook Frankfurters, used them ingredients in many meals, and they are not good.  Frankfurter, ham, bacon, instant Ramen are processed foods and anything that is processed foods mean unhealthy because they are rich in sodium.  Also the artificial seasoning and spices.  What so bad about these foods and what makes process foods unhealthy is that most processed foods are loaded with sweeteners, salts, artificial flavouring, factory-created fats, food colourings, chemicals that alter texture, and preservatives.  But the problem is that it is not just what were added but also what were taken away.  Processed foods are often stripped of nutrients that are designed by Nature to protect your heart such as the soluble, fiber, antioxidants, and the good fats.  These were taken away in processed foods* (from an article).

Health should be our way of life.  If frying is your way of cooking, then stop frying and instead cook the food the way you will not need to use oil like poaching, grilling and steaming.  If you really cannot avoid frying, then just use a very few amount of it and just do fry once in a while only, and avoid using spices.  You can still enjoy fancy foods but all things in moderation.  As conciliatory, take those unhealthy foods once in a while because they could be only bad if eaten excessively or regularly.  It is because people are always wanted what satisfies them.  People want to satisfy themselves with delicious foods that they can get from the addicting taste of fats from meat, salty of additives in processed foods, accustomed sweetness of fancy pastries and candies in trading business.  If you are eating the natural foods, you will not need to take medicines to maintain a good blood pressure.  Life is simple, don’t need to become complicated.  You can go along with the fun of modern day but do not forget simplicity.  In our old days, our ancestors have survived the simplicity and naturalist of life.  It was all natural then, and it is what we need now.  And this is what people need to learn – to disown fakes and change their mindset about the definition of delicious.  At the end, it is just a matter of taste preference, it is just a matter of taste buds.

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