Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Every time there’s national election in my country, my vote always depends on the political, economic or social situation.  But to depend on that, I have to focus primarily on scanning the personality of the candidates rather than the propaganda.  This is scrutinizing their personality as in not their outside characteristics such as affair, appearance, fluency, and etcetera but rather the inner personality like principle, legacy and conviction.  Like when the very first time I casted my vote, I wanted a real political change to dispel the old and tedious oppressive government into something totally new.  The second time, I used scrupulous selection to post a leader who has a great qualification to stimulate and grow the economy of the country.  The next time, it was a political decision to choose the only someone who can stop the imminent abuse of power, the one who will do to eliminate graft and corruption for a straight path.  True, there is no poor if there is no corrupt.  Come 2016 presidential election, I am considering the social situation in my country.  For the next six years, I would rather seek the peace, order and safety of the country rather than aiming the country’s prosperity.  Philippines had been poor and labelled 3rd world country for about forty years because of the past leaders who promised of abounding economy or bring back the glorious days of the country but never felt.  I am, or people are sick and tired of repetitive promise of economic prosperity from candidates very time there is election.  Enough for now the promises of government revamp of bureaucracy to eradicate poverty, eliminate the graft and corruption to give a better service, empower the peso by creating more jobs, and so on and so forth.  Enough those too smart and clever, competing scholastic and educational record, and showing of public service records but what the country urgently needs most is to attain the peace and order.  We’re seems both prone and numb with the economy we have anyway so I think let it be like that for now and we need peace first.

On the upcoming selection for the highest post in the land, what I am really looking for is someone who is really bold full of conviction to restore the peace and order in the country.  If this can be given by an undergraduate who has the guts to combat crime, eliminate drugs, and stop unnecessary killings, then I will definitely go for him.  Pinoys have been already used of poverty for so long and we’ve just accustomed enduring suffering.  So I am more interested now to restore the peace and order in the country because if there is peace, the prosperity will follow.  In the overflowing volume and severity of heinous crimes happening in our country, someone must act to bring to an end these nonsense and useless crimes.  The peace was profaned by various crimes.  To combat the crimes, there must be a strong leader who could enable to enforce the laws by all means – with no excuses, without restrictions.   It is really very alarming to hear a series of news about killings, drugs and heinous crimes.  It is frightening the fearless and merciless outlaws disrespecting our right to enjoy our security concerns.  Criminals have no fear – regardless of time, place, person, morning, noon, evening, inside or outside own house, young, old, rich, poor, civilian or known person.  This is really disturbing, what else these criminals can still do?  I want to feel safe and no worry even walking at the street coming home late at night.

But this is not just about crimes but equally important is the order which the people are taking for granted.  Rules and laws must take place and someone must teach the people the real meaning of discipline.  With the lousy implementation of our rules, seriously there must be someone to teach the people to religiously adhere and follow the rules.  For this election, my President is someone who is prioritizing the peace and order of the country and the safety of the citizens.  Yes it is impossible to attain the hundred per cent zero crime rate but at least the country will be generally peaceful.  Even the developed countries have incidents of crimes but in general they are peaceful.  I don’t want death penalty but if it needs a man who can show to everyone what is true discipline all about or an iron man to eradicate crimes and lead round the rowdies, then I will go for him.  It doesn’t really need corporal punishment anyway if the law will be properly implemented and strictly followed.  I wish my country to become a safe place to live in again.

By Alex V. Villamayor

March 2, 2016

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