Wednesday, February 24, 2016


On his midlife period, the smiles of Edwin reflect his happy and nice springtime.  Whoever he is now, whatever his status, his looks, his contentment and his personality today were owed how he lived his youth.  These are just the results of how passionate and caring he was during his youth.  Looking at him today, you’ll see the happiness he enjoys today because he is not alone.  He earned lot of friends, back from old times in school and town, Edwin is rich in friends.  True, having true friends are real treasure.

In our journey to our life since we were just children, we see, meet and know many different fellow children.  Our pals in neighbourhood and our classmates in our elementary school, those are the times of our infancy and childhood.   From our childhood, we never thought that a friendship is in the making.  We may not know anything and no idea what is happening then that maybe a true friendship is starting to shape.   As kid, we fought, fooled, shouted and took advantage them until we realized they did not leave us and we need them.  But there are others who have to apart their ways out of time and call of fate.  When we stepped in to our teenage years, as somewhat quite matured during high school we had a clearer feeling about friendship to seek.  We easily connected to those who are in the same interests as we.  It can be good or bad, can be weird or creepy but they can be okay for they’ll be part of our learning process. Many have risked to explore and to found their buddies.  Lucky are those who found friendship in early age for they might have a treasured friendship until they go older and get aged.  And Edwin is one of those.  His eyes shall may have any signs of age but every smiles on his eyes remain genuine that cannot pay with any amount.  How lucky is he to have those same old long time friends while growing till now, the longer they stay as friends, the more reasons to celebrate their good times and years.

I was looking a photo album of my friends, there were pictures that caught my attention and called my interest to stare each.  While looking those throwback pictures during their teenage years, their old pictures tell stories and show their rich shared moments.   And I can’t help but to suddenly feel sadness and guilt about me for I never had same moments.  While staring those pictures, I learned the importance of building friends for time will come you will learn how good you are when you were not dumped by friends.  Like Edwin, he is candid and showy to his friends makes good foundation in friendship.  His thoughtful gestures even in embracing those girl friends earned him a buddy to love.  He and his buddies may did some outrageous but sometimes in these crazy little things we learn the meaning of life and our existence that give us the wisdom in life.  The typical group of friends who used to laugh thru good times and bad times, took all night in the street, and gone wild and weird for fun’s sake.  Those smiles, those great moments, those fun and silliness captured in the pictures are really moment in times that you cannot go back any longer but you can still feel the exact feeling on those days.  Edwin might have faults, he might have played the feelings of girls, or maybe hides a dark side, but because he was a thoughtful friend for sure and true to himself he found the happiness.   Through these and maybe one of these he may have exceptional experiences.  Nevertheless, those experiences are unparallel, irreplaceable, and invaluable memories that are fortunate to achieve. 

And I suddenly thought that I would have also done the same.  Then I realized how boring my early life was.  I have lived my life censored.  If I only knew I will feel regret and sadness for not doing anything, I wish I should have done escapades, stupidity and childish things.  I think I supposed to experience those prank and misbehaviour, explore the meaning and sense of life, and did what I really wanted to do.  I need them, now that I feel I am not really fully grown.  Sometimes it is okay to do mistake because it is in there you will know what you really want and your real calling.  In the near future I will become elder but I feel incomplete.  When you are running out of time you will not able to do what you want to make up because time is the worst enemy of getting older.  I wish I could turn back the times.  If I could live my life all over again, I will do the life lived by Edwin who socialized in many to gain friends and made the most out of their youth-life.

By Alex V. Villamayor
February 24, 2016

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