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(The following story was published in 2008 3rd Quarter issue of JAL Focus, a company newsletter. It was published using the title RESPECT, TEAM WORK AND SUCCESS).

Life is about connecting people, it’s about developing a network. We are into reaching out and assisting other people to achieve our dreams. Everybody is subject to go through social intercourse. From home where we first built up our character and personality, we will bring this outside where we are subject for criticism. And from here we will evolve and make adjustments that will best fit on us. Based on our learning and experiences is now what we have turned into a respected individual.

The world is composed of people of different countries with individual personalities. In an environment of working with different nationalities, establishing respect to one another is difficult yet very important in order to have a healthy working relation. Because respect is required to have an effective teamwork, it must begin with every employee’s feet. The good organization is the result of good leadership. If the boss is good, the employees will likewise good too. And it’s vice versa because the response you receive from the world is a reflection of your own attitude. But since making success is teamwork, everybody is responsible to give their share and part. And teamwork will start in showing respect for each and everyone in the company.

Generally, we wear our personality through our attitude. In attitude shows our character, manner and conduct. It shows the impression we transmit to other, whether of your own free will or not. It simply shows the upbringing we have grew up with. In work, we must not forget the proper manner and right conduct. That is why there is the prescribed social behavior called etiquette. And in here we will earn the respect, integrity and credibility. Respect plays a pivotal role to establish good teamwork. But in order to build up the teamwork, each one should have the good relationship. The presence of respect among each employee attracts cooperation that lead to good working relationship. Reputation gives the power to influence other people. It is the barometer of credibility. If the person is respected in his virtues, values and word of wisdom, the support will come automatically.

Respect is an individual character result of impressive clean track record. It doesn’t need you to be the Chief Executive Officer of the company or be a prominent personality in the community to become respected. The honest, fair and unblemished career history you made from the start you work in the company and the good behavior you made in your community are enough to earn the respect of your colleagues and neighbors. You cannot impose respect to get the sympathy and full support. You have to earn it through your dedication and sincerity.

Management and Staff are team who work side by side towards the success of the company. Their collective contribution is the bread and butter of every employee that encompasses across the organization. Their collaborated efforts are essential to build the good working environment. Harmonious relationship in work is the very foundation of effective performance, continuous perseverance and steadfast dedication of all employees making the team work effective in reaching the success of the company.

By Alex V. Villamayor

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