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(The following story was published in 2008 1st Quarter issue of JAL Focus, a company newsletter).

What greater way to rest the long day work than to sit back and relax yourself in the convenience of your home. Working at least eight hours a day of your usual daily tiring routine will really make you feel ill and stressed. Like the rest of us, you can be sick and tired of beating the pressure of deadlines, coping up the reports and carry out the unceasing works in the office everyday. We are certain of these cycles in the office but it’s a wonder we get used to it. And at the end of the day all roads will lead to home and it is always nice to get home.

There is a trite saying that goes “There is no place like home”. It’s true that we are transient in this place, driven by our desire for better employment, but this is also our home. JAL International always looks after the welfare of the expatriate employee’s populace. It envisages the mutual relationship of the management and employees ensuring that their multi-national employees are provided with a presentable housing that encourages sense of belonging through the rest of their stay with JAL International.

JAL International has villas / accommodations where each is a melting point of different customs and tradition of its expatriate employees with respect of course to the host country. Our accommodation plays a strong foundation in our life in the Kingdom. In this place each one of us establishes friendship with others, build ourselves as resilient overseas worker who overcome tremendous boredom and homesickness and shape our future to reach our utmost dream of a better life. This is the place where we feel safe and secured, where we can express our thoughts and enjoy our privacy. It is the key witness of our struggle in our endeavor. It testifies our happiness when we are with our friends and see our tears in time of our sorrow, sorrow that is larger than our life and bigger than you can imagine. When we miss our family back home, our accommodation adopts us from melancholy and protects our dreams from crumbling. Fortitude, determination, independence and cooperation are important lessons in our life in Saudi Arabia.

Although we all came from different walks of life with different values, personalities and characters, there is one thing that will connect us regardless of difference in our origin, amity and belief. Whatever the differences, friendship unites us. If every one of us will let it in every door in the accommodation, we will undoubtedly enjoy staying in our second home.

We say home is where the heart is, let’s make life in our accommodation a memorable one. Let us take care and demonstrate this as our own home, practicing cleanliness and good housekeeping. Respecting the rights and privacy of others will promote goodwill and develop a refined and civilized resident in the whole accommodation.

We came here full of expectations and dreams. When we reached our dreams and when hopes were answered, we will leave this place that has been our home for years. When we decide to return to our own home, it is always nice to reminisce that once in our lives we found our second home in Saudi Arabia through JAL International accommodation. A sweet nostalgia that will echo the time we spent well. And memories will whisper to our ear that we’ve had our share of good times.

I’ve been in the Kingdom for quite a long time now. Someday, I will go home too and will leave this place for good. When the moment I need to leave Saudi Arabia comes, surely there will be some tears in my eyes. And when I get older many years from now, all these things will be a placid memory of a place that gave me happiness and comfort, of a place I called … home.

By Alex V. Villamayor
November 2007
Thoqbah, KSA

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