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(The following story was submitted in a supposedly maiden issue of a company newsletter that did not materialize).

The world is composed of people of different countries with national distinctions and individual personalities. Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, the Philippines is positioned off the southeastern coast of Asia. From this small country are the Filipino people who are widely known all over the world for its migrating and working people around the world. This country’s most valuable contribution to the world is her talented labor force. Called Overseas Filipino Workers, the OFWs play a pivotal role in the ever changing global competition. Statistics shows at least 8 million men and women from Philippines are scattered around the globe stretching from coast to coast as overseas workers or emigrants, crossing more than 190 countries and territories. There are nearly one million professionals and laborers have found works in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, more than 3,000 of these are proudly working in Saudi Aramco, and about 150 of which are top caliber workforce from JAL International Company.

Every year, Philippines is producing thousands of young eager minds of new graduates searching for job, aside from the brain drains who are aspiring a better position. But local government can not afford to accommodate all these competitive searchers loaded with full range of skills. Through the excellent bilateral relationship with Saudi Arabia, many Filipinos are given the chance of greener pastures to work in this oil hub of Middle East. And JAL International plays important role for these OFWs in bringing them to the headquarters of state oil giant Saudi Aramco.

JAL International sustained the continuous growth of supplying the needs of country’s reputable and premiere companies by providing them the top quality services of its professional Engineers, Architects, IT professionals, Certified Public Accountants and Administrative Assistants who are highly trained in their relative field of expertise. These professionals are not just continuously bridging the gap between demands and supplies but also delivering the company’s goal by meeting the customer’s specific needs towards the service quality excellence.

As JAL International is moving up towards its total commitment, it is with full confidence to send its group of professionals to the world’s biggest oil corporation. JAL International workforce in Aramco is dominated by Filipino expatriates who enjoy the respect of having reliable quality work performance. These expatriates are consistently efficient in providing the accorded superior service to their company’s clients by giving their satisfaction beyond expectation in order to enrich JAL’s operations that would be mutually beneficial to clients and company, as well as to its employees and to society. The Filipinos take the vital roles as they play key roles in the company’s multinational workforce. They are taking a wide range of scope in technical and professional field. And they continuously knot the good outcome for the client by giving them the required works at par excellence.

Aside from their practical skill, the nice thing about the OFWs is their work attitude in handling the given tasks which shows their professionalism and affection to work. They are not just doing the job done but they really do the job done. They are not the spoon-feeding type workers and most often than not they have the necessary initiative in works without doing apple-pealing. And needless to say they won the heart of native’s host country despite their major differences in religion, culture and tradition. Known for having friendly heart with smiling face, exceptionally helpful and exceedingly hospitable, this race from the land of smiles are unparallel when it comes to social intercourse that are naturally in-born. They are even more pleased to serve their employers thru personalized service and these are exactly the reasons why Filipinos were sought out by this country needing guest workers. For these, Filipinos are enjoying far ahead advantage over the neighboring countries in the Asia Pacific region and they are just inevitable to hire regardless of cost to compensate them because of the work quality and work attitude they are giving back to their employer are worth to pay for.

Dubbed as the modern day heroes, the OFWs are the back bone of Philippines economy, keeping it afloat with their huge remittances and making it alive amidst of economic crisis. The dollar reserve of the government which is attributed to OFWs thru the remittances they send have contributed significantly in keeping the current account deficit manageable, making it the major source of the country’s national budget and stabilizes the value of the local currency. The OFWs embrace the challenge of leaving their families miles away from home and took the bitter pills of sacrificing so much of themselves in exchange of a better and brighter future and success for their family and country. And part of this success in the making should be credited to their inclusion with JAL International team in helping to bring the bright future for these Expats and their originating country.

From point of their destination in Manila to head office of their employer in Al-Khobar, the collaborated efforts of JAL International and Filipinos Expatriates are important part of Aramco’s operations. Together with other contractors, they are working side by side towards the success of the corporate welfare that benefits the general. Each one is playing the outlined channel in transmitting the hard works and its result into the deep dig of corporate resources and reserves. Today, everybody is sharing the same prestige, respect and glory of linking their names and works to the world’s most important company. They are sharing the deep trench wherein their world class work performance, unrivaled perseverance and steadfast dedication were kept in store to come up with a strong reputation towards the company’s strength and competency. It is the repository of collective contribution of Aramcons and Contractors that indeed encompasses not only through them and the well-being of respective companies but also the rest of the world.

In Philippines, there is one phrase that perfectly fits to cheer up and salute these Overseas Filipino Workers, also know as Filipino Expatriates: MABUHAY.

By Alex V. Villamayor
Dhahran, KSA
December 24, 2006

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