Thursday, December 10, 2009


The following story was published in 2009 1st Quarter issue of JAL Focus, a company newsletter).

Each one of us has a burning passion to succeed that drives our body to push into limits, thus it gives us stress and makes us worn out. While it is true that we need to work hard, we must not forget however to take care ourselves. As the old and trite saying that goes “Health is wealth”, getting us on top of the corporate ladder and enjoying our riches are useless if we are suffering illness. Being healthy gives us lots of advantages and benefits that no amount of money can compensate.

Health is shared responsibility of every Employer and Employees. Both should ensure their well-being in order to carry out the duties and responsibilities that are set before them. The increasing cases of heart attack, diabetes, stroke and hypertension are alarming and becoming the most common cause of illness and decease today. High blood pressure and high cholesterol add as prevalent risk factors to these sicknesses. Wrong food intake and life style such as physical inactivity, smoking and inadequate sleep are attributed to these sicknesses. Although disturbing but not intimidating if we will just personally compromise ourselves to get the real healthy lifestyle.

We know that we need to exercise regularly however; some of us are too lazy to do it because we’re already occupied from our daily chore, too tired from it and we’d rather not to get tired anymore. These impede us to exercise. The truth is, we’re exhausted for missing out exercise, that’s the paradox of it – seems contradictory but they are nonetheless true. Skipping exercise makes our body susceptible to stress which puts us sluggish. Inactive body lost its strength that deters us to get up and have some work out. JAL International opened JAL Sports in support to the physical health of employees. It encourages the active participation of employees to join and form different sport clubs that will make them pro-active. We have to understand that exercise isn’t just important but actually necessary to keep our wellness on top. Keep in action, have some work out, do jogging or brisk walk at least three days in a week with at least thirty minutes a day. Some advice says to have the goal of 10,000 steps a day in order to keep our body in good condition. To put that in perspective, these steps reward us to burn approximately 500 calories that our body doesn’t need by walking at about 6 miles in accrued 2:00 hours.

Aside from being pro-active, we can take care our body by choosing the right food. Although we believe eating re-energizes and power up our days in juggling a busy job and family life, it doesn’t mean it is the right foundation and practice to have healthy life. Do not eat festive foods and tasty dishes just because they are delectable instead take the nutrients from healthy foods that will really rev up our body such as fruits and veggies for our more natural and lasting stamina.

Being healthy makes us better individual, gives confidence and sense of well-being, improves our lifestyle into better us and keeps us away from sick. It makes our internal organs in their best forms and condition. Our brain stays attentive and focused, the heart and lungs are functioning well and effectively while our body, bones and muscles become strong and in better tone. The blood circulates well that gives normally good blood pressure. And the most interesting part of it, it makes us look younger than our actual age.

We can keep up the healthy life if we’re determined, disciplined and motivated to succeed because what our mind can conceive our body can achieve. Start to live the healthy lifestyle today to see the benefits of being fit. While the Management and Employees are sharing the responsibilities of instituting health awareness in work, the goals become fact that in return will profit not only the employees across the organization but also the locality they are servicing. And we will help in supporting to build a productive and abundant community that will benefit every one of us.

By Alex V. Villamayor

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