Tuesday, December 08, 2009


A vast land of desert with oasis of Dates Palm trees.
Vibrant flowers bloom in the peak of summer heat.
A hair-raising old beauties and mystery of antiquities.
Amazing ancient remnants vividly mingle and exist.
(Window of the past back to the dawn of time.)

Extremely astonished in the charm of golden sand dunes,
Whose most romantic plateau has turning at later noon.
Burnt thru the sun’s heat, blown by breeze in desert moon.
Lying in the custody of sky, hymning to a lullaby tune,
(Nestling central, coddling and harboring in reclusion.)

The Tuwaiq escarpment widened those eyes to nature.
Natural rock formation will not cease until the future.
Tempestuous wind storm shaped its unrivaled contour,
Protecting to transcend the unique indigenous feature.
(An oriental charm filled with endearing ethnic color.)

Waves fold at the cool hemming of tranquil seashore.
Washing the white sands by the stream of Arabian Gulf.
A dazzling silver mosaic of glittering crystal clear water.
Reflection of sun wearing the shining crown of royalty.
(Mirror of two moons with flickering stars at night.)

I found the right place in what I called my second home.
A poet’s haven, sweet cradle of my writings to be horn.
But time will come, I will depart this exquisite place for good.
Tears will be shed, and the rest will be stories when I get old.
(It’ll a warm reminisce at the thinning profile to look back)

Finding Arabia.
(My bits of Mid-East)
By Alex V. Villamayor
Dhahran, KSA
February 14, 2007

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