Wednesday, December 23, 2009


(The following story was published in 2009 3rd Quartert JAL Focus, a company newsletter).

In our search for the best employee, there is one quality that will best define the entire meaning of such recognition: professionalism. Being a professional is not just about the educational attainment, work excellence and level of position. More than that, the very essence of professionalism is the work attitude and social behavior of an individual.

Professionalism starts from the top, setting the good example then the rest will follow thus respect and support have earned. Professional superior is fair and open minded, he chooses proper language, listens from both sides and gives matured decision. Unprofessional superior has favoritism over those well-known and high ranking employees, from those biased loyalty of either relatives or friends. This preferential treatment discriminates the whole populace of the employees. The employee’s efforts, skills and contributions to the continued success of the organization should be equally recognized and highly appreciated whether it’s from a well-known or ordinary employee.

Professional supervisor shares his knowledge. His altruism motivates and benefits the other employees. Unprofessional and arrogant supervisor downgrades the moral of his subordinates. In some points, he uses his position and authority to retribution, oppress and upset his ordinary and weak laborer. Appropriate use of power and authority can accomplish enormous favorable result but abusing it can take many forms and build a norm for deviant behavior in many settings.

Professional employee values the meaning of commitment, accountability and responsibility. He works and completes the given assignment promptly and with quality. His dedication dictates his initiative to render works beyond time when requires. Unprofessional employee works only for the payment of hour per rate due to him. He doesn’t exert effort to do further work that can give the best outcome on the given task.

Professional employee handles confidentiality undisclosed and incessantly shows his integrity, compassion and respect. He doesn’t cease to improve his professional attitudes and behavior. These constitute the core essence of professionalism because regardless of position and seniority, improving professionalism should be unceasing practice across the organization. Unprofessional employee takes the opportunities to enhance, protect and ensure his career into better and stronger. He does apple-pealing to ensure his vested interest. Likewise, his crab mentality assaults to full down his colleagues in order to make himself the only best man standing, thus overcoming his insecurity, hunger and fear.

It actually starts from our home. If we can improve ourselves before we leave our home, then we will not see these unprofessional employees in the office. Living with one or more residents in one housing, knowing and respecting the rights and limitation of tenancy fosters mutual benefits among the residents. Trivial things such as controlling the sound of your personal television, the manner of closing the door in silent mode, respecting privacy, individual differences and the air of non-smokers they breathe, observing cleanliness and proper sanitation in common premises inside the house and cooperation, compliance and adherence to the agreed house decorum will create professionalism in an individual.

Whether in our home or office, professionalism should be properly observed. The principles of professionalism create a milieu which enhances employees’ productivity, operational strategies and overall performances. Professionalism is part of maturity as progressive step towards maintaining corporate glory.

If the characteristics of professional employee are in you, you are the Best Employee.

By Alex V. Villamayor
Thoqbah, KSA
September 2009

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