Thursday, December 10, 2009


(The following story was published in 2008 4th Quarter issue of JAL Focus, a company newsletter).

The only permanent thing in the world is change. The phrase may be a cliché but it still speaks the truth that is actually happening today. As we are heading to 21st century, the computer age patterns our life in this fast phase and busy world. The Gregorian and Hijri calendars have turned into another year. As the year has changed today, the new phase of our life is heading on us. Today is the perfect time for looking back and pondering the past as it is in looking back that we are able to improve our selves and move forward. New Year is the ideal time to put in retrospect the perspective, strengths and shortcomings that we did in the past years. It is during in this particular time we could have an insightful and thorough self evaluation that will mark the new facet of our life.

The popular New Year’s Resolution may sound childish and tired thing but its very intention which is changing into better is so great. Responding to the dictum that change is law of nature, we are forced to move towards changes. Our personal life is full of surprises. As we go along with our endeavor we have to adopt changes for the enhancement of our undertaking. Our most sought dream takes so much changes and hurdles to finally come into full circle before we could able to reach the reality of our dream. If we need to innovate ourselves to cope up and emerge brighter than before and greater than ever, so be it – we have to do it.

Everything changes because nothing in this world will stay perpetual. There is nothing to afraid to embrace the challenges of change because this is the right opportunity to prove ourselves, learn somewhat new and find out new experience. Revolutionary changes are happening in our world today. Customers and competition dictate the need to innovate which requires our necessary response. With our unceasing goal to succeed, our pursuit of revolutionary changes is anchored with intense goals to accomplish the significant milestone that will change the rest of our life. It becomes the most prevailing dictum and the focal point of our concentration that will improve and enhance our present place. The market is changing which signals our need to change too. Research continues to find new techniques that we can offer and will best suit to the ever changing clients. The changes are happening in our world right now and there is nothing to do but to deal with them.

We are on the modern age of computerization but the modernization of the latest technologies we are presently applying in our everyday life will be a continuing initiative of every individual and organization. Records are made to be broken to give way the nonstop discoveries of the least we can expect and the most impossible. Later, we will come across the need to take a major leap into another level to introduce new discoveries and embark greener chances for better life.

Technology is the great achievement and top breakthrough of our time. The phenomenon of computerization threatens and shaken the human workforce anticipating the massive transition from manual work to automation. But it turned out to be an immense challenge and fuelled up the human race to rediscover and upgrade their aptitude to become more competitive, consistent and reliable. After all these things, adopting human resources to strengthen manpower is a major thing that technology can’t execute and exceed.

By Alex V. Villamayor
November 2009
Thoqbah, KSA

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