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(The following story is the unedited version of a published article in The Arabian Sun Vol LXIV, #12, a Saudi Aramco weekly publication).

“Aside from the natural distinctive aroma of the rich roasted coffee beans of brewed coffee, I love the simple conversation over a cup of coffee blended with presence of my friends. It was one cold winter night with my new friends sitting around the small table in a cafeteria, talking about some trivial and mundane things. We were freezing inside our jackets with hands are as cold as cat’s nose. But the hot cup of coffee fired up our conversation and fueled the instant bonding. We were sharing some wisdom in life but more often exchanging funny thoughts. It may look a nonsense prattle night but on the other hand it was actually a moment in time. What really matters most then was the pleasant conversations in that small cafeteria.

I haven’t met these men before and first impression is usually lasting. But communication is the chance to get along and make adjustments. The constant communication we had on the following ordinary conversations made us closer to start good friendship. We brought the issues to our houses, unleashed the communication over the steaming glasses of hot coffee. We had the connection that nurtured and inspired our young friendship. Everyone laid down his cards, expressed the ideas, talked about self and heard. Indifferences and disputes were sat down, bridged each gap and had the common result.

It happened during winter season where melancholy prevails and blue sky becomes gloomy lethargy under lowering gray clouds. Winter is the season we feel in sedated mood, rather stay in our home and coffee time is just a right idea to pass the time, relax and enjoy a spot of conversation. Holding onto a hot coffee mug warms our hands on a cold winter season. Though we can’t have more coffee times in sultry summer as much as we do in freezing winter, but the friendship we have made over the cup of coffee has gone far enough. How I wish to stop the end of winter. But at the end of every winter is the promise of bubbly summer”.

This is a true to life story of me that illustrates the essence of communication in building a friendship. But I’d like to stress that aside from friendship – it’s also an effective application in building successful work. Communication is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It plays vital part in our role with our family, friends, company and community in building success. Effective communication plays significant role in organization. Proper communication outlines the right pathway to the ladder of success resulting to a progressive organization. Communication is the focal component of organizational success whether it’s interpersonal, organizational or external. Keeping the communication’s line open will go a long way in creating and maintaining healthy environment that will lead to success.

Friendship isn’t measured in length of relationship and often of convening. It’s in the continuous two-way communication and warm interest of everyone whether over a cup of coffee or not.

By Alex V. Villamayor
September, 2008
Thoqbah, KSA

The friends referred in this article are Rodel Alcausen, Roji Jimenez and Allan Christian Rafael.

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