Sunday, February 14, 2016


Love is blind, it justifies the unreasonable.
It can be wrong but it feels right for people.
For our heart sees that eyes can’t see at all.

Love is giving, it should be two-way feeling.
When the two people are giving something,
it then goes to the point of giving and taking.

Love is helping, it is rescuing one lost soul.
Seeing that someone back to stand on own
to spread greatness and greatest love to all.

Love is caring, we care about the welfare
of that someone to become good and better.
It’s taking care our love ones like no other.

Love is just right, it has to be fair and just.
If in times you’ve to do even if it can hurt.
True love is doing what supposed is right.

Love is a good feeling you give to someone,
you want to make them happy all the time.
And you feel happy, that is a pure love one.

What is Love?
By Alex Villamayor

February 14, 2016

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