Friday, May 20, 2016


When we heard commitment and service, what immediately comes to our mind is the commerce and trading but there’s more than that.  First and foremost, our own personal life without knowing it is the very basic foundation of having commitment and service.  And you will bring this trait or attitude until you land a job, own a business or handle a position.

Every one of us has to stand our real cause be it directly or indirectly otherwise we will lost our sense of responsibility.  As a matured individual that we supposed, we have to act what is our call or play the role that was given to us, that is commitment.  If you are a parent or a teacher, your duty is to shape the personality of the children by providing them the right information and attitude.  You are committed to raise them and extend your best effort to make them better individual just the same how well your parents did to you.  The doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers, all of them took oath to carry the jobs entrusted to them.  If you are an elected or appointed public servant, then you are expected to serve the constituent and people are expecting you to do the right thing.  Either anyone of these, you have to commit with your responsibility and deliver the right service to your jurisdiction or to your employer.

If we will live our commitment by heart and if we will give our self of service, the flow of our life will become smooth because we are receiving what we are just giving and this will make the mutual relationship.  It is law of reciprocity.  If you are a committed husband and father, you will not be tempted to ubiquitous temptation but rather you will provide what you supposed to do with your wife, children and family.  That is your service, and you are just making a peaceful community.  The entrepreneur, if they will in true service to their customers or will even extend their assistance beyond service, these people themselves will guarantee your return of investment.  The same thing in our personal life, we have to be responsible when we commit ourselves in the task we accepted.  If you said a word, accepted a task, or promised something, you have to make it come rain or shine, come what may whatever it may takes – that is commitment and the true service.

There is the prescribed social standard called etiquette.  It is the accepted behaviour code that serves to be the basis of the right things to do.  But sometimes simple commands cannot obey.  For instance, we are bounded with the rules when we aboard in an aircraft.  But sometimes simple rules in an aircraft like when during the final take-off the passengers were reminded to remain seated until the air plane is fully stopped, or keep the mobile off until the cabin crew say so – but still you will see most of people do not listen and seem they do not care to do what they want.  Are they really cannot understand or they’re just naturally stubborn?  We were born on this earth to commit and serve.  This is the nature of social interaction either it is in our career or personal matter, we are committed.  As we grow old until we turn to someone we wanted to be, we are bounded to abide some set of rules – this is real life.  In school, in office, in community and even in our own home, the rules were made to make everything well.  Our lawmakers pass the proposed bills and ratified them to become law which we need.  The laws are there to serve as guide for what is right and what is wrong, good and bad, lawful and illegal.  These rules were made for us to commit ourselves to regulate our lives otherwise if every one’s will shall be done then we will be in chaos.

By Alex V. Villamayor
May 20, 2016

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