Friday, March 12, 2010


As citizen of the Philippines, I am always concern in the interests and future of our country. Come May 2010 Election; I am really praying for my country to have the right person who will head the State as the most powerful man in the land. Our time is crucial in selecting the next leader of our nation. Since we’re long-standing lambasted with different political turmoil, we need now someone who will credibly free us from the rigging of traditional politics, maybe not from poverty for the meantime but at least we need to get rig first from political and moral depths.

Among the array of 2010 Presidentiables, it is really tough to come up with one decision to choose the right one in the position. Among them are really clever and smart, sincere, God-fearing, with respected names, with sympathy in poor. I should consider the intellectual capacity and educational qualification, experience and political track record, and the true interest of the candidate. We are entrusting our future and our country to the man who will protect us from any unconstitutional threat, conserve, and secure our democracy, develop and prosper our economy, under justice, peace, liberty and equality.

There is a deep clamour of change. I don’t like to have the previous personality in the person of the new personality – it’ll just an extension and continuation of today’s crisis. Whoever I'm going to vote (if I can vote) is someone who is really a genuine opposition to ensure the closure of raging graft and corruption, power selfishness, and political dynasty. I want someone who will break the spell of the present stigma in our government.  We’re already sick and tired of different mounting political scandals involving the high personalities protecting their vested interest.  In fact, we attempted to stop them during the early years but we were persuaded to wait and allowed them finish the term.  Look now what we have tolerated and created?  It’s about time we need changes.

Academic qualification and credibility is not option for me.

Popularity through their family’s name and reputation is neither option for me.

Pro-poor (Pang-masa) appeal is also not option for me.

Deity and Pious service and activities are important but may not my barely option for me.

I want change. If that could be given by an unpopular and unrated, as long as he is God-fearing and sincere to change the traditional politics, I will go for him.

Alex Villamayor
March 12, 2010

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