Thursday, February 25, 2010


The crime, no matter how petty or serious is still crime. Regardless of sexual identity, civil status and economic symbol, infidelity is disgrace, lost and crime of a person. Men’s polygamous, weakness, their idea of nothing to lose, and the machismo esteem are not excuses to commit infidelity. It is not passport to fling with other women, neither reason to tolerate his sexual urge.  If man thinks flirting is okay, then he has no right to expect, ask and doubt the honesty, loyalty and faithfulness of his wife – it is very unfair, it’s so one-way relationship.

In our society, inequality and discrimination are unfairly imposed to women having relationship out of marriage. We are easily judgmental if man committed concubinage is not condemned as woman found adultery. Man having extramarital relationship is not as morally battered as woman having relationship out of marriage.  It's clear discrimination, inequality and prejudice.  This thinking is a continuing stigma in our society that gives suffering to every woman.

In relationship, both man and woman have to work, do their part and give their share in order to save and make strong their marriage. They should build love and respect among themselves first to have normal, ideal and blessed relationship.

 Alex Villamayor

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